MT3's WW journey


I’ll get over there after dinner.


Sandy is great! You are doing a great job with her. She looks nice and healthy. It is rewarding watching them grow :grinning:


Dedicated to following my plan to post pictures, here is Sandy tucked in for bed with her humidity dome in place. Spritzed lightly (including inside humidity dome) as her soil was getting dry. Her growth is rapid with the light still on 24/7, temp 74F and humidity 53%. Plans are to shift the light cycle 18/6 on Sunday which is one week from debut. Sandy is in hyper growth mode.



She is looking awesome! Before you know it you will be putting her in a bigger pot😉


Thanks @Missiles. My mentor @raustin and I were discussing planting up yesterday. She made a good point to use plastic pots in the intermediate stage since that would be easier than fabric to transplant from to a larger pot. With that said, I’ll go to a 1G plastic pot, and finally into a 5G fabric as a final home for Sandy.

I have some triangular holes in the base of the Solo cup, so I’m watching for signs that her roots may be trying to extend out of the solo cup.

How is Inga?


Yes from everyone else I see also they like planting up to. I was a little hesitant this first time around with mine being an auto. when I try my photo seeds I will plant them up also. I posted an update of Inga on my journal this evening. I had a little mishap today and left her without light for about 11 hours. Hoping she’s a strong girl and it didn’t affect her.:crossed_fingers:


I was looking for your journal…can you link it for me? I found it…sorry. I just caught up reading your last few posts.

Maybe the light cycle (darkness) wont be an issue…she may think its perfectly ok to sleep in since it is the weekend after all.

@raustin mentioned that auto’s may be best NOT to plant up since they don’t have much recovery time in their shortened cycles. I believe you are well ahead of the curve.

I bought some WW autos to plant outdoors next spring, so I’ll be anxious for your review of the auto cycles.


Sandy looking good for the weekend.



Looking good indeed


So far, so good. Thank you much!


My baby is getting big in a hurry.


Woo hoo look at Sandy go! I started singing “I get chills, they’re multiplying”. LoL lol. That’s what waking and baking will do for ya! She might not have heard me but I sang to her this morning :joy::rofl::joy:


OMG, youl’ll have to do a quick song recorded on your cell phone and I’ll play it for Sandy! She needs to know who she is named after.

I like your phrase…“wakin’ and bakin’”. Reminds me of shake and bake…LOL.

BTW…is Inga ok from her long period of beauty sleep? Family situation ok now?


LOL I don’t think Sandy would really want to hear my true voice. I’m not sure my dog even appreciates it haha.

Inga seems to be doing fine considering my mishap the other day. She looks good I checked in on her when I just got home I have a small fan running in there now to put more air on her to strengthen her up a little. And my family situation still is not real good right now. My mom is in the hospital. Thank you for asking. I appreciate it.


I’m sure that other ILGM members, along with me, wish your mom a rapid and complete recovery. Please know our prayers are sent.

I have a minimal problem now- but it can escalate soon is not remedied. The humidity in my tent is 35% which is a reflection of the RH in my cabin. Heat running is stripping the moisture, and despite pans of water, etc, I am struggling to maintain moisture. Sandy needs to come out of her moisture dome, but I cant remove it with 35% RH. I ordered a humidifier that comes in Wed. I may be transplanting by the weekend, and Sandy needs some fan circulation to strengthen her. I think the humidifier will work so that’s my next hurdle. First time at anything is usually a series of obstacles to overcome and growing is no different . I got this one covered!!

Please keep us posted.


Don’t go crazy trying to fix the humidity problem. Right now my humidity is at 27% and Afina is just fine, she could care less that her humidity isn’t optimal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a problem, but it’s not the worst problem to have.


Reading Robert’s course is playing with my mind. Ok…so is the RUBI pen, LOL. I’ll keep in close touch and keep you posted.


I was struggling with Sandy’s tent humidity dropping down to 31%. This made me afraid to remove her humidity dome for fear of drying her out too much. I wanted to let her breathe and have air movement to strengthen her stem as it appears transplanting is not far down the road.

I soaked a towel, then put the corner in a bowl of water to wick moisture as the clip on fan created evaporation and keeps Sandy moving slightly. While the humidity is not quite ideal, 48% is far greater than 31% this morning.

A shout out to Ms R (@raustin) for walking me thru the issues during the day. Per her advice, I raised the light to 24" as she noted the leaves were dropping slightly as if they were light shy. I think she earned her pay today. Oops…what pay? LOL Thank you @raustin!

Miss Sandy on day 9

Swamp cooler wicking for humidity. 47% RH in tent. LED QB raised to 24" power 65%


Sandy had her morning “spritz” bath. Day 11



Sandy looks amazing!