MSU 19-4-23 (or MSU 13-3-15) Nutrient

I looked for the subject on this nutrient before I start this topic, but I couldn’t find any. I am not sure this means no one knows about this or not.

Someone introduced this nutrient to me about 6 months ago and I wanted to share my experience and the results with growers here at ILGM.
If anyone looking to try different nutrients or new to growing, maybe give this nutrient a chance.

Michigan State University developed this nutrient for Orchid and just happened to work wonders for cannabis. 19-4-23 is micro and macro nutrition combined. Even though it is high Nitrogen, it still works well for flowering plants. 13-3-15 is formulated for RO or software (city water).

I would like to list what I like about this nutrient.

  1. Easy to use - it comes in granular. Just 1 tsp to a gallon of water.
  2. Price - It comes out to be approx 2 cents per gallon of 'ready to feed ’ water.
  3. One nutrient feed from day one to harvest (for veg and for bloom)

The cons:

  • Not every place carries this nutrient. The company in MI selling mostly to farmers on large scale (selling by the pallets), but you can still buy small qty by calling them. You have to pay shipping charges (cost depends on the distance from MI to wherever you live).
  • Only available 25 lbs bag /min.
  • Amazon or eBay sells (resellers) but they are pricey.

I start using this in Nov - Dec 2019. I had some plants in veggie and some plants in flowering at that time. I was reluctant to switch in the middle of the growing cycle, especially for the plants that are in flowering.
By researching, reading what other growers doing, and see the results by their growth, I decide to test it out.

I post my photos below:
A: Growing plants using General Hydroponics Nutrients (multiple bottles for veg and flowering) + Bat Guano + Cal/Mag + Molasses. (This is before 19-4-23)

B: Changed nutrients in the middle of the growing cycle.
I was using General Hydroponics nutrients (several different bottles depends on what stage of my plants are at the time) and I switch it to MSU 19-4-13 (which is formulated for Well-Water (hard water)) for 1 of my Veg plant and 1 for Flowering plant. I only test this nutrient on 2 plants only. Since this was the test run, I bought a small bag (8oz) from Amazon, paid about $10.00

C: Changed my nutrient to this MSU 19-4-23 from Day 1 to Harvest. Nothing else added.
After I finished the previous cycle and I was impressed with the result, I called the MI company and bought 2 bags of 25lbs (total 50 lbs - $52.00 per bag - $104.00 plus UPS $27.00) and starting a new cycle of growing, I switch to this nutrient from Day 1 all the way to harvest. (Veg and Blooming - one nutrient.

**** I start to flush these plants yesterday and plan to cut next week.*

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Lokin good, for sure :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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Hi T,
So I ordered some of the MSU nutrient and it’s working great the only problem is I can only order 3lb tubs and I need a couple of 25lb bags the place I’m ordering from doesn’t carry the big bags could you post a link to where you are ordering them from thanks in advance

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I love Msu 13-3-15. I dont think ill go back to any other nutrient after using it for this last grow.

I didn’t see the post until today. Sorry about that.
I order directly calling the company.
(734) 483-8661

🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇦

For Canadian
AMA horticulture - just outside of Toronto.
Phone number is 1-800-338-1136

I just began using the 13-3-15 and am quite impressed with the results. How often do you feed your girls?

Once a day until I see a slight run-off at the bottom.

Do you mix it one teaspoon per gallon of water?