MSNL Seed Identification Help

Hey guys and gals! :wave:

It might be a long shot but I’m wondering if anyone can help me identify a seed. :pray:

Purchased April 2022 via MSNL. I received emails to review 2 strains but nothing on the AT-F or SHA-F pictured below. I’ve logged into my account but it’s not showing my order either. :roll_eyes:

I’m 99% sure that the SHA-F is Silver Haze Auto. I’m pretty certain I only ordered autoflowers but I can’t see any seeds on their site that line up with AT-F. :thinking:

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! :hugs:


I think that the -F is gonna mean feminized
So if SHA-F means Silver Haze Autoflower-Feminized then AT-F is going to be a photoperiod seed. If it was an auto it would be ATA-F. Maybe this will help narrow the options. Its also possible they no longer carry seeds for that strain.

Maybe Apple Tartz?


Yes, I’m thinking along the same line. F is for feminised. So tick there.

The BBA is Big Bud Auto, CPA is Cherry Pie Auto… So I’m thinking Auto something?

I’m guessing they don’t sell them anymore which is why I think I’m having issues. :roll_eyes::joy:

Maybe A Train, A-10 or some variation of Alaskan Thunder??? Have you emailed msnl and asked them?


Not yet. There was a bit of mucking around with my order initially so I thought I’d try my luck here first. :thinking::joy: