MrTigers first Grow Journal :)

Hey guys! I was on the forums back in 2016-17 when I was still in the navy and now I’m out, home & definitely ready to start growing. I’ve been reading a lot before starting and a lot more recently since I started. I know that everyone on here is really helpful and knowledgeable so I don’t have much nervousness lol.

VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Fan
Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
Fox Farm nutes
PHing to 6.5-6.8
18-6 light schedule
45% humidity 77 degrees during day / 65 degrees at night

2 Black Widow ILGM fems
Week 2 Day 5

Definitely looking forward to seeing how these plants turn out. :smiley: I just need this humidity on the east coast to go away already. Also the plant with the kinda turned leaves when it was starting to come up the seed was kinda stuck on it but she looks a lot better now and the leaves are progressively getting there too.


Friend, I feel your’ pain. I’m in Florida, the humidity was above 85% for the last week. It’s 75-80% in my house WITH the ac running full blast.

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Bro, I remember that humidity down there it gets bad. I figured mine out I just put my fan next to the ac vent and cracked the tent and let it sit while i was at work and came back at 1pm when it was bad outside and it was 77.9 with a 40% humidity.

@MrTiger I’ve got a Quest dehumidifier on the way!

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Aye! There ya go. What strains you growing?

I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind. Looks like your plants are ready to be up potted :v:

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for sure tag as many people as you want to :smiley: the more help the better! I’m waiting for my 5 gals to come in now, should be monday theyll be here. Should I dry it out when i go to transplant it? Cut the red solo down the side then make a hole in the 5 gal for it to fit into, right?

Welcome back, and thank you for your service!

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I think I’ve seen you on a couple threads, definitely feel free to help me out and share some knowledge on me lol. Military isn’t the same as what it was back then, forsure…

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I’ll pipe in if I think I can add value, however I’m a complete newb. Just finished my first grow, waiting for it to finishing drying so I can weigh it up. It’s a lot of fun, a ton to learn. Looking forward to posting about my 100th someday. Lol

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That’s good! I’m always down to learn more. What strain is it?

1 super skunk photo and 1 white widow auto. Should be in jars in a few days.


Nice start, welcome back. Thanks for your service. Tag along if you don’t mind. Stay lit :hotsprings:

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Welcome back and looks like you are off to a good start!

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Thanks guys!
Last day of week 2 ; Do I have to cut the centers or anything I remember hearing something about that but wasn’t sure if I had to?

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Might you be talking about, chopping once she gets 7 true nodes back to 4th? You don’t have to do it, there are other LST that can be done if you choose

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Oh okay, I wasn’t too sure. Should I even still do it when it comes time ?

From my limited experience, i have never done it. I only have room for two plants so i have been leaning too the LST and Fim myself.

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Day 4 of week 3 i transplanted them both last night. They seem to be doing well. I PHed this morning and gave them a little nutes last night.
I keep trying to upload images but its not letting me also, I have a link and tried doing it the through a web page way too.
Heres a link to the photos if im allowed to do that?

Last day of Week 3