Mr. Noob McNoobface's progress so far

Howdy all!

So several weeks ago I came to you guys looking for noob growers advice and of course yall came through beautifully. Thank you. Having said that, i have made some changes to the ladies lounge area. I managed to get em a fan for the airflow, got em a carbon filter as well as some other amenities. Having said that I wanted to share what I have so far. Anything look awry? Anything look off? See any issues or things I am missing? Do they look OK? Should they be bigger at this point? Should I be doing the 12/12 by now? What about pruning? I tried my hand at it, but I have no idea if I did it right. Also say hello to the newest member of the fam. That little squirt in the middle is Ms. BB-3. (Bruce Banner auto, 3rd attempt)

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Wow! Got some real stretch! What kind of lights you using?

Looks like they’ll be a pain in the ass to get out of those cans when it comes time to repot.

Yeah. Like I said: noob, here. These are my first plants and when I started I didnt even have the grow light, which is a viaspectra P600. So instead I just put em in the windows sill, which caused the stretching.

Probably. They were all I had access to at the time.

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I made the mistake of using plastic Folgers cans. Won’t do that again! We all make mistakes. That’s why we got this forum.