Mr. Indica's First Grow - ILGM Hindu Kush (fem)


After about two days of the new HLG running at ~91 watts, the ladies didn’t complain a lick about the transition. Also they both seem to have enjoyed the nutes from yesterday.


Can someone confirm if the tiger striping of the leaves and stems is genetic and normal or a product of the environment? I’m really curious as I’ve never seen anything like this.


Since all looks good, I went ahead and increased the power running through the HLG to about ~160 watts :sunny:


My mother plant and her clones have that same purple tiger striping and purple pettioles. No issues from it here.


You have some crispy tips on those bottom leaves, maybe research that issue and work backwards to see if the purple ‘was’ a sign of something at that point in growth.


@Drillbit, thanks for confirming, she does look pretty interesting, glad to hear you have seen something similar and nothing odd came of it.

@Whodat66, I’ve mentioned it a few times over the past few weeks. Aurora was light burned by the Taotronics LED bulb early on, it was too close @12", once I moved out to 22" everything started growing normally again. Vida suffered to a lesser degree from 22" but because I had a dome on her and she burned where the due drops were (light magnification).

So there isn’t anything else that’s gone wrong, and the first set of leaves having gotten crispy was due to light burn early on.


That’s what I mean. Could the light-burn have also brought about the purple striping, and it just stuck. Those leaves and the stripes seem to coincide node-wise.


@Whodat66, I honestly have no clue, that’s why I’m asking hehehe. Anything I think about this is just a guess. I’m hoping someone can confirm for me.

I just did a little research and it very well could be a magnesium deficiency. It make sense because I used distilled water from the start and didn’t give them calmag until a few weeks in. Last feeding had about 2.5ml calmag to a gallon distilled so she should start to recover.

Vida didn’t feel the deficiency because she got calmag and very light nutes from a much earlier age as I’ve been feeding both the same batches. I’ll keep up on nutes and hopefully she’ll feel better soon :slight_smile:

To me, my leaves look like the early stages of Magnesium deficiency. Thoughts?


That’s the pic I was thinking of, and looking at it I think zinc It has a more pronounced ‘tip-death’ with the rest of the leaf remaining viable… I don’t think it’s an issue, and it might produce some awesome fall colors for your bud of the month entry :slight_smile:


I’m pretty confident she’ll bounce back, I just took too long to feed her nutes, distilled only for the first 3 weeks wasn’t a great idea. Also, the roots were cold because I didn’t use a heating pad and my tent temps were low for a while.

Now with the HLG, it’s up and within happy range. Fingers crossed she pulls though and enjoys the nutes now that I’m feeding her and not starving her.

I can see how you would have thought Zinc, but I assure you, the tips burned due to light intensity. Tricky little girl she has become :wink:


Definitely. Check my notes in between my BS, but it has been 2 weeks since I put the HLG in, and they are just now drinking in abundance. I have a feeling that first week was root development, and with me snipping off the larf she has really concentrated on bud development. The pistils showing up corresponded with that too, because I flipped right when I got the new light. I think that also helped with me ‘intensifying’ the light rapidly. She didn’t need to adjust for it too long before the lights went out.


I did see temps on the edge of comfortability at lights out for a few days (81-82F), but with the exhaust running 24/7, it dropped quick and was fine. I think that as the plants got bigger, they helped even out the climate on their own.


Yep, now with the HLG at 160 watts it’s generating a significant amount more heat, tent is up to 81 degrees while the exhaust isn’t running then drops down while it runs.

It’s still within acceptable happy range for veg, but I increased the exhaust from 5 mins per hour to 15 mins per hour. This should be good enough for 160 watts.

Once I bump up to full blast on the light, I’ll have to run the exhaust continuously. I suppose I could just stop fussing around and just run it full time starting now but this is a learning experience for me as well and experimentation is always fun :slight_smile:

Just as long as the ladies don’t die on me! Ha!


You are doing exactly as you should. LISTENING to the ladies (an solid advice) and adjusting as your grow goes. Keep up the good work man. With the increased intensity she’ll put that food to solid use. Just keep the notations and doing like you’re doing. :+1:t5:


Haha thanks for the confidence boost man. I appreciate it :sweat_smile:


I would bump the exhaust up to 24/7 now, then raise the light %.


I want to, but right now isn’t the time to push boundaries. I’m going to be away for a few days. I’ll pump her up next week :+1:t3:

A lot of variables to consider, not always what’s optimum for the plant, but also my life :joy:


I just mean that the ventilation is a minor thing, but you will need to run it 24/7 for humidity. It would be an easy thing to bump up without worrying about. Lights I would not do until yo can closely monitor.


You’ll get a kick out of this but I went ahead and connected the 4" exhaust on the lowest setting to the light timer. So while the light is on, so will the extraction fan and small oscillating fan. All fans will go off for 6 hours while dark for the time being.

Temps are between 74-76 degrees now consistently. It’ll get colder at night but hopefully won’t dip under 70.

Loaded the ladies up with fluids and nutes. Let’s see how they do over the next few days :crossed_fingers:t3:


Even when I’m not around, I kinda am :wink:

It’s currently 73.9℉ and 56% RH with the HLG running @160 Watts :slight_smile: I should be able to place a moisture stalk into the coco and see the levels remotely in case I need to shorten the trip as an emergency.

A friend of mine is working on automated moisture control and we have a few ideas in development but this simple solution should keep my mind at ease for the time being.


From here, it looks like she’s ready for her first top right above the third node :slight_smile: Looking forward to getting a top view soon.

With about 6 nodes available, I should be able to save the top as a symmetrical clone :seedling: :+1:t3:


Looking at yours, you have the stretch to make those 3rd node shoots spread out. I would make sure you see good sprouts before you top.