Mr. Indica's First Grow - ILGM Hindu Kush (fem)


No worries :+1:


Thanks @Mr.Indica!


Hahah thanks man, not quite genius but it solves the problem of having staked up boxes in my tent to get the fan in the right place LOL


I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the new fan fits on my existing bracket I just built! If not, it’s OK, I’ll use it as an under canopy fan and place it on the floor.

Thanks man!


See! You are such a mom! And I say this with much respect!


I put Aurora through another defoliation and LST session yesterday evening and I had an ounce of concern that I may have pushed her too far… but in classic Aurora fashion, she takes it and asks for more:

Every time I put her through LST I feel she looks like a wet cat LOL. But literally overnight she perks back up and moves herself back to fill out the new space.

Oh and I do have to say, The current training has resulted in a pretty damn flat canopy. It’s like a ScroG but without the net. Let’s just say I’m getting the hang of the defoliation and LST process.

These bitches are thirsty too, buying gallons of distilled and watering 1 gallon at a time is coming to an end soon. By next week, I’ll have to try and put together a 5 gallon gravity fed system.


I added the handlebar mount to my list. Love a great idea!


Kinky bitch aint she :wink:

Well he did ask us to remind him, im suprised i even remembered lol

You can keep a fairly level canopy with tieing down, in hindsight i should have just topped star and lst her like i did penny! She has a fairly decent canopy!

Water day today so updates will be available soon :slight_smile:


As kinky as they come :wink:

Hindsight is always 20/20! I think you did awesome and each and every one of your ladies has something special about her. Yay! OK, waiting for updates :slight_smile:


Right on man. That company is going to be stoked thinking they are selling “handlebar mounts” but really they are selling marijuana grow tent accessories lol


Ima check out the local bike shops first. Tons of them round here. We have State trails through the forest that are kick ass! I always support local businesses first.


You can fasten a flat thing to the lower brackets - make a shelf. :roll_eyes:


Right on man. I dig the attitude.


I had planned on that during the “design” phase. But the fans seem to be doing fine on the brackets directly. If what you mean is to increase the surface area for the newer larger fan? Yes, that’s definitely a possible upgrade to the bracket to make it compatible.

My concern though would be the “handlebar” mounts ability to hold more weight. Might be hard to see in the pictures, but the platform which I mounted the metal brackets to, has a free rotating design, on the back of it, you can loosen and tighten the connection, but it’s plastic and I can only tighten it so much.

At this point, it’s a wait and see in real life kinda thing. I do appreciate the assist on solutioning though :beers:


Yes. a small piece of sturdy cardboard like a cigar box lid :wink: Or more likely just a lightweight thin wood like a drawer bottom.


A little remote update of the ladies:

I’m so tempted to just flip to 12/12 right now and forget about ScroG! Hahah.


I guess she’s ready for another round of LST adjustments.

Likely some more defoliation early this week as well followed by lowering the net on her. I’ll likely flip to 12/12 as well since she’s gonna stretch to fill the net.


I was very tempted to flip to 12/12 when I saw this today:

Well, I figured I’ve waited this long with the stunted light burn start, the mainline learnings and now… ScroG time!

I noticed immediately once I lowered the net, how much more surface area is available to fill up. It makes sense, Aurora looked pretty sizable but now you can see with the net, she looks like she just got started :wink:

I’ll likely let her go in veg another week or so. Then flip to 12/12 and let the stretch fill up the net. If anyone has any advice on when to flip, please speak up!

Oh and Vida is going to get booted as soon as Aurora needs the space. I’ll just put her close to a window and see if she gives me a few bong hits lol


Get some “Y” splitters and some CFLs & put in a spare closet or something? Better than a window :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: More bong hits or hash :joy::rofl:


We shall see. Great suggestion but I’m not sure it’s even worth the trouble.

I do have some attachment so it’ll be hard to let her go.