Mr. Extractors terpenes. Any1 tried?

Been researching and looking at all the different products on the market to turn oil into carts. Seems like all have something unhealthy in them. Saw this and haven’t seen much negative. Mr extractor, anyone tried it?

Interested, tagging along to find the answer.

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Watching. I want to know


I’m getting this one.

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I read where they have recently found the peg200 and 400 are actually not that great for you. Possible lethal in a high dosage. Trying to remember what it is. They label it 200/400 instead of what it is. I’ll see if I can find the article.

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I will be trying pure terpenes next, I’m a vaper so I’m getting plenty of the regular old pg in my diet, but I am trying to quit. I just want something that doesn’t separate and something that mixes easily.

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Seems like anywhere you go they put stuff in it that is suspect to your health. One I looked into had lab work done and found it had mineral oil and other unknown odorless heavy materials. Others have the PEG and studies have found that’s apparently really bad for you. I’d love to find an article on how these big production companies make their carts

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Ya it all seems to be whatever is cheapest for them, regardless of our health, I might just get a wax atomizer instead of keep trying to mess with this liquidizer stuff.

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Never heard of it

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It’s like a cart that you put your wax in.

You just have to be more careful and it’s not as convenient, plus it smells so if you are trying to be discreet it doesn’t help.

Hmmm, they say they’re pure terpenes, but never say how they’re extracted. Clearly, there’s a solvent involved. I don’t recommend using any company who doesn’t list their ingredients or full process.

I just picked the first organic terp on the list.


Any recommendations

TrueTerpenes. They are expensive, but they’re truly the best for pure, clean terps.

Here’s an article about terps and such:


Cool thanks!!

The terpenes seem legit. Looked into that viscosity(ms?) And that’s the one that came back with unknowns and mineral oil in it

No need to use diluents or anything like that. Just cannabis oil is OK. Or just oil and terps. Of course, your product so completely up to you.

Can you get your cannabis oil to the consistency of vape juice.

You don’t want vape juice, you want carts filled with cannabis oil. It will be thicker and more potent than vape juice. Decarb it before filling your carts to help with flow.

Unless you do want vape juice? In which case, you need to use diluents and such.

I was hoping for a thinner considering but I’m looking at what you just posted very interested.

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