Moving to a new state. Thinking of Southeastern Oklahom

Florida took it off the ballot. Understand in Oklahoma you can have 6 veg and six flower with license card. Thinking of buying a house there and moving to Oklahoma does anybody have any information about that. No problem for me to get the car my medical reports will definitely get me that card. Unlike Florida strict criteria on your medical condition in order to get the car but on this November ballot was supposed to be recreational and up to 6 plants and they took it off the ballot. Oklahoma is the place to be anybody please chime in on any bad experience or negative review. I appreciate it big decision to make and I want to go to a friendly state.@countryboyjvd1971, @Lakewood, @floridaboy1940, @boardsbird, if anyone can tag for me l would appreciate it. It’s a big country and I don’t want to move to an unfriendly state


Why OK, when there are so many better, fully legal states to move to?

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@Dieselgrower your out that OK way arent you sir

Here’s another thread i found but the guy who started it is no longer here

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Yeah I’m in SW OK. Have you looked at the omma website yet? It helps explain what all the stuff you need to send an application. I would sugest that maybe look at smaller towns that surromd the bigher cities. I don’t know how hard or where all the dispensaries will be. I’m guessing closer to OKC and Tulsa and lawton amd other towns that aren’t trying to block citizens from opening them. If that makes sense. I love the state and it has it’s pros and cons. If you have any questions, just @ me and I’ll try and assist :v::dizzy_face:


Dont they all brother
Thanks for the assist :v:️CB

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Yeah , but don’t those states have restrictions on the amount of plants you can have, also I hate cold weather, and nothing against California but it would be way too far from my daughter.

Thank you, I will.

We have some cold weather as wellb the se part sees a little warmer than most parts I believe. Some beautiful country around beavers bend and broken bow

That measure passed right? I am reading that in Oklahoma, once you get the medical card you can have 6 plants in veg and 6 plants in flower, Thats all I need the rest of my life. LOL ! I read what he wrote. Thx for you help @countryboyjvd1971.

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Right off the bat I go there and big notice not to use yahoo or aol mail. They won’t deliver the application ! wow they suck, well If anyone wants to use a good email that is private and they don’t read it use

So, OK has plant limits, too. Just wondering why OK out of the dozen plus states that have legalized both medical & rec cannabis. Why go some place you need to register for a card, when you can go some place where you don’t have to? Colorado is not much farther than OK, really. If you go into the 4 corners area, there’s desert & farther north you’ve got fairly temperate weather, even with snow.

If I didn’t already live in a legal state, and I had my choice to move to one, I guess I wouldn’t pick one that requires me to basically put myself on a pot grower/user registry.

Oklahoma is still adapting to the new law and it will change most likely before its all said and done. I wouldn’t recommend moving here right away if that’s the only reason for coming. There’s a lot of push back from both sides of the political parties in the state they’ve already tried limiting the law right off from the start and failed. But once the the politicians are back in session I expect changes… some we might not like and will need to take to court to fix.

But having said that because the way the law is written you’ll still have access to it one way or another. I do love this state and think most people could find a place to be happy here. And like @Dieselgrower said if you’re wanting dispensaries I’d stay nearby to a bigger city. Some small towns have already started passing ordinances to basically restrict it completely, no dispensaries, no home grow or at least need a city license that’s ridiculous priced. That’s another reason to wait until the dust settles.

You are right, that puts a different perspective on the subject. My daughter lives in Ohio with my grandchildren, so maybe it is not that far, but all my options are open and I have to move to a state that will let you grow your own medicine. Been renting a house from my brother too long, time to buy one, that is why also I considered OK, and deal with registry because property there is still reasonable, I hear Colorado is expensive to live.

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This is a great site:


Thank you!!! OREGON FOR THE WIN!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Looks like it, friendly on concentrates.

24 plants? 8 zips? Im in

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Damn, and Oregon is such a beautiful State. Tempting.

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With equally beautiful women. If u can stand the rain n a bit of smoke from down south id look into it

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