Moving seedling outside

My seedlings have been under grow light for 24 hrs a day and need to know what is the best way to move them outdoors without having any ill effects on plants.

Just go a head and plant them out side Mother Nature will do the rest -as long as temp’s are not freezzing. also the early the better for planting out side - if you are thinking about it - plant them NOW !!! (if temp is some what consitance

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If you want to acclimate them; take them out for some exposure daily to let them harden off before planting.


I would start that daily exposure in filtered sunlight. The strongest grow light we have can’t compare to the intensity of the sun.

Add an hour everyday while slowly introducing her to more direct sun…


Yes I agree with @Myfriendis410 and @FloridaSon. Take a few days - to a week to expose them slowly to Momma Sun. Start with an hour and increase time each day. The plants will love you for it.

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Thanks so much for the advice. Think that"s what I’ll do.

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You have to do all that stuff “PLUS”. You have to wait until May 15. If you put them out sooner they will start buding. Because the daylight is not long enough. You need at least 14 hrs of sunlight to veg, Starting May 15 the sun will be out for 14 hrs.

I had never heard that before.

Hmm. I never knew about 14 hours. I had planned mine so I would have at least 13 but looks like I may have to keep them inside a while longer under the light
if that’s correct.

Is that need for 14 only because he had them in 24 hour already?