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The girls are really hitting the sauce and letting all hang out.
Everyday they amaze,growth shooting out from every nook and cranny .Up to #4-5 real leaves,(are those considered nodes?) I"m not that familiar with the physiology of the plants yet and I’m notoriously crappy with names so theres thAt. But well get it.

Anyway cotyledons are really looking anemic , a bit like an 83 yr old woman in a bikini after spendin’ 82 years under the sun.
So do I let nature take its course or is it beneficial to manually remove them?

Day 22,are we looking for female parts yet? When do they start flaunting their wares?

I should have transplanted a few days ago IMO but what do you guys think?

Do you presoak your soils a day before transplanting into your forever pot or transplant and than water ?

Any other suggestions ,am I overlooking something?Anything?


I think if those are 22 days old in the pic then you have some type of issue as they seem a tad behind, especially the one on the far right. Are they autos or photos? How much light are u running wattage wise? What’s the distance from the plants?

Give us a description of your setup please.


the one on the far right is 15 days old.
I’m in a 24x24x18 clone/seedling tent under an x 40 veg with par around 400-425 on the larger plants , 72* at night/40-55% humidity(lights out 12am-6am).
78*-80* day/60-68% humidity.
Light warrior seedling soil Bergmans nutes @ 75% strength about every 4th day with leaf /juice or fish poop stew every other day and fresh ph corrected water(5.7-6.3) when not drinking the hard stuff.
Yes they’re autos and I decided not to specify as i didn’t want to offend anyone as I think this is an autoflower forum. Sorry for that.
A small exhaust fan on top of the tent pulls heat out and allows humidity to build compliments of a humidifier tucked into a corner and distributed by a 6" fan which is keeping the ladies aspirating.
Every minute that light is on they’re straight out and straight up consuming around 25-35 ml of water/nutes every 24 hours for the larger and 15-22ml for the little guy.(I check the weight with a bakers scale for determining how much to provide just to keep me in the realm. I am the new guy.
When they come out for water they go back in to a different position,rotating if you will.
par is checked and recorded/logged as is diameter/height/weight/# of real leaves(nodes are they called?)
They’re producing the 5th real leaf now and they’re a hell of alot wider than they are tall.
The stems are really hardening well,turning very green and developing a woody fibrous appearance with occasional tiny little specks that initially had me thinking thrips or something bad but its just growth and I dont believe its anything consequential.
leaves are shooting out all over the place that can’t be seen in the photo i provided but i don’t like monkeying with them too much at one time and usually take better pics when they come out for refreshments and inspection 2-3 x daily. They are no longer on a seedling matt.That was removed 2 days ago and was set at 75-76 while in use.
As for growth rate,occasionally theres a little pull back while the lights care out but the next days growth usually far surpasses that. Growth as per height and diameter is 7% on a bad day and very near 25% on a good one.They might not be going up but the are definitely growing out and it is really crowded down by the unmentionables.

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Keep up the good work.

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do you pull off cotyledons or let them fall off like a frostbit toe.

Hell, I leave them alone. I go for the big ones, Fan leaves, if they are as big as my hand.

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im afraid i dont understand,the question was should i pull off the shriveled cotyledons.
I take you to mean you dont take off the dying cotyledons but remove the big fan leaves.
If so when do you begin that?
and thank you triple D.

The only “help” I give seedlings, is to assist with Helmet Head removal issues (seed coat not releasing from cotyledons). Cotyledons can drop when they want. Fan leaves, when I think they are blocking some area I want clearer. Beware, cutting plant slows growth.

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at what point do you begin to consider leaf removal?

@jorkvilleyoe lol I just get an image of Magda from Something About Mary toasting herself…


What wattage and type of light are you running? What’s the distance from light to top of plant?

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You never know with autos exactly when you’ll see the first pistils. My one plant showed them at 16 days old, and I’ve got one that just finally showed them at 42 days! I suspect those are both ends of the extreme spectrum.

In the meantime, at 22 days they should be in their forever homes by now, in my opinion. I’d have planted them around the size of your younger one.

Leave the cotyledons alone, they may or may not fall off - but if you pull them, you could put a wound on the stem that a baby plant just doesn’t need.

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Get them in the final pots no need for solo cups with autos. Otherwise everything looks great

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A Kind x 40 veg around 10-12"above ,par on the bigger plants 410-430, right around 250 on Jr.
They’re moving into a 5x5 grow room that I’m, just now setting up and getting humidity/temps/circulation balanced before I jam them in their forever pot and commit to the larger space.
In there they are under a california light works Solar System 1100 UVB running about the same par if I can figure out how to dim it . I have the controller of course but do I dim it by proportionately turning down the 3 tunable spectrums? Right now set upn for veg with 50%/99%/ if i wanted to go from 550 par to 425 par would i dim the spectrums proportionately or dim the light as a whole.I’m looking into that now. And before someone says just raise the light,I have but 1 foot left and I am certain there is a min.required distance from combustibles of 4-6 inches so raising it a little might be good for a few days but sooner or later I have to figure it out if the plants grow at all.

scroll up to a previous post(several previous sorry i didn’t tag you ,
I’m still trying to figure this out)of mine with most of the current details and than a recent post ,of the process going forward into their new home inside a grow room.

Well I believe i have it balanced decently enough until the severe weather passes and I can take the siding off the house and install the exhaust vent for now its just commingling in the first deck floor joist as the proposed duct run passes overhead in the first deck floor joist just outside the door to the grow room. Not ideal but the girls are out of the solo cup bondage prison.I have learned quite a bit thus far and I definitely had them in solo cups too long but with no where to put 3 and 5 gallon fabric pots it is what is for now.Agent Bitch 2/6 was severely root bound.

@2GreenThumbs GulfCoastGurilla was right about being a little behind for 22 days but I have confidence in they will recover just fine. Lesson learned even if there was nothing I could do to prevent it.
Hopefully they enjoy the new home 2 in Ocean Forest (1-3 gal. 1-5 gal.) and likewise with happy frog.
I’m trying to determine if a five gallon pot is worth it with autos and which soil i work better with. I think transplanting went well enough considering I have baseball gloves for hands and can’t feel my fingers.They( the ladies) seem to be resting peacefully but I am guessing it’ll be tomorrow night or the next day before the girls perk back up and start flirting with the light again.
A few pictures to bore the hell out of whoever falls prey to reading my ass backwards postings of much slobbering and little intrinsic value.
If a pictures worth a thousand words, I’m gonna save us all a ton of time.


Anyone who tells you that reflectix dbl bubble foil backed insulation isn’t as reflective of the light spectrums is FOS and doesn’t know their azz from the hole in a wiffle ball. I hung mylar right next to this and duplicated distances of instrument from light and from the wall and its missing just 10 Par.

I use reflective material to cover the root area in my cut gallons.
Also have wife’s spare make-up mirrors on tent floor.
Can’t see the meter w/o sunglasses.
Can’t read the light meter with sunglasses.
Girls love it


Your plants are good. Look healthy. My autos were slow going the first 30 days. I would transplant now. Feed them and hope you get another 10-15 days of vegetive growth. Will probably stunt for 3-4 days, but she’ll take off after that. Don’t worry about size. Keep them healthy and watch them produce. Autos are pesky buggas. Kinda like a human woman. Never know what you’re gonna get.

Seen where you’ve transplanted!! Good luck and just keep doing what you’re doing. I think we all they and over think it. They’re healthy now. All you gotta do is maintain it. If you’re not familiar with LST. Plenty of YouTube videos. Mines not the biggest, but her colas are going to stack!

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