Moving Plants to New Room

I’ve finished setting up my grow room and was asking if moving them from the tent to the room would stress them and make them hermi. Plants are 21 days old and the tent is in the same room.

No alot of people move their plants around. It will not stress or hurt her if you just move her. Now if you are talking about transplant that’s a different situation

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Nope just want to move them to the plant benches being built in the room

will be ok, if you don’t change the light schedule. meaning don’t have them sitting around for 3 hours while getting moved.

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Won’t be in the dark at all. Just moving plants out of the tent. Being a noob, I bough a too small tent for 4 plants. I should have just went with my original plan and made the 11x11 room into a grow room. Oh well, I’ll just use it for drying my harvest,if I get one, or for clones or something.

@Familyman…we learn as we go. Best wishes

Likewise friend.