Moving plants from indoor to outdoor growing


General question guys, I’m sure someone has advice.
I’m looking to plant outdoors, I’ve read that it is best to acclimate my existing indoor plants before moving them outside. A week in the shade or so before direct sunlight. Not hard to understand.

My question lies here… my veg room light comes on at 630 pm and shuts off at noon the next day. I run it at night to minimize overheating. If I was to take a plant right now and put it outside it would probably freak out because the sun comes up at 530 or so and sets around 7 right now I think… which is completely opposite to their sleep/awake cycle.
Should I slowly change the timer by an hour or so every day until it matches the natural outside light cycle or go full 24 hours on for a week then just put them in the shade for a few days then plant in the ground.

Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance. Ryan.


As long as they are in veg you should be just fine making that switch


Make sure you harden them before taking them outside. If you decide to run them straight outside before adapting them to the level of heat and brightness from the sun you run the risk of burning and stress. She’ll typically recover well but you could avoid it by some “hardening” and adapting before hand :innocent: Happy growing!!


I’m always a little different… Sasquatches are not known for being gentle… with that… What I do usually is I put my girls out in the evening and as the sun sets they acclimate to the over night temps. Come morning when the sun pops up it warms with everything else… all is good… Never lost a plant to kicking it out side… @Nakastorm


Thanks, I was worried about shock and the change in light source hours. I have a fair amount of plants inside to test with. Last night at dusk I planted one and gave it a shade cloth for protection. Looks good so far, no change in the plant.
I’ve got more plants I will test with, but if it seems to work like it is working then there should be no issues. Thanks again guys.


@FNG101v2, I have an indoor plant that is in mid-late veg. I want to flower outdoors. What kind of hardening regimen would you suggest I do?


2 months ago I took 5 plants from inside to outside. I was afraid and worried. Here is what happened…

I waited until dusk and brought the girls out before they’re light turned on. I placed them in the ground after removing their pots, watered and installed a shade cover above them. I left the shade cover up for a week or two while they adjusted, there was minimal stress from the heat and sun. After taking the shade cover down, my girls got really weird looking and I found out I had horrible drainage and was overwatering. I cut back the watering and they have since recovered and are almost as tall as my shoulders now.

A few weeks ago we were struck here in California by some nasty fires, which subsequently caused a two week power outage. So I had no lights at all for my grow rooms. After 3 days of being in the dark and having no air circulation I took them outside and let mother nature handle it. No shade cover this time and both veg and flower went into the same spot. Every day I need to bring the flowering plants back into their dark place because the sun stays up too long right now. This experience has taught me that these plants are pretty hardy. There is definitely some damage to the crop by using this quick method of changing light cycle and light source but they seem to be doing just fine.


There going to love it outside!


My babies are rotting and small. They started indoors, got leggy, and move outside. Got pretty good. Now the RAINS are killing them. Grey MOLD! spotty and yellow. GOING inside. anything I need to know?