Moving outdoor plants in soil to get it 8 hours of daylight is worth the "upset"

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Wondering if you have a comment on whether the prospect of moving an outdoor plant that is just beginning to bud up (and is planted in the GROUND, not a pot), in order to get it 8 hours of daylight (instead of the 2.5-3 it gets now) is worth the “upset”.

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How far into bud is it how many weeks has it been flowering? do you have correct lighting and space for it indoors?
if it is past 5 weeks into flower it would further reduce yield as would low wattage lighting I wouldn’t advise a move the stress would force it to ripen

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Is she healthy and doing well?

It’s not clear whether you intend to move your lady indoors, or just to a pot so that you can get to a sunnier location outdoors. (Since you use the word “daylight”, I’m guessing the latter.) But if it’s currently planted in the ground, you don’t know how extensive the root system is. My tendency would be to leave well enough alone.