Moving out of "indoor" "Grow" to the right place. First time grow with ILGM BGL and SD autos

Harvested the little SD 3 days ago after I started to see a small amount of amber and I wanted to keep this as heady as possible.
The BGL will be another story all together they will let go to about 15-20% amber before I harvest, I want these to be my night time medicine.
Flipped the two clones to flower two days ago and the tall photo clone you can see noticed the difference almost immediately. Last night to today it gained an inch in height and the pre-flowers gained about 20-25% growth.
I have my 2x4 tent set-up with a humidifier and lower powered 150w light(35watt draw) for the newest clones.
I also popped another SD auto from ILGM seed and a trio of regular Gorilla Glue seeds from a friend. Hopefully get a female outta the bunch. Once the BGLs get harvested, if there is room, I will be popping another BGL. I am pretty sure there will be room as I am moving things around to accommodate two more of the Parfactworks 2000RAs and space for three adult photos. Awaiting delivery of my mylar to create movable walls as well.

Lower branch bud. Trimmed up all the ones that were shorter branches. Got about 12 grams of larf and the another 22 grams of buds this size. Top branches should be done in a few days. Looks to be about 3-4 times as much bud… with a lot less trimming involved lol. @MrPeat my 7footer( :crossed_fingers:t2:) SD got transferred to solo cup today.

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Trimmed up the remaining plant all in all got 26 grams of approximately quarter or smaller sized little nugs and 85 grams of buds that size or larger. Biggest bud only weighed in at 4.3 grams. Not huge but I think it’s pretty impressive for my first time grow getting a half pound out of 2 SD autos that gets me more ripped than anything around here and no worries about “what the heck was this grown in/with?”
Waiting for these BGL’s is like just wow… they sparkle like a disco ball but I’m coming up on 5 months. I can see death is near for them by the leaves, all the fan leaves that have longer than about 2 inches of a stem are dropping and yellowing. There is a lot of yellowing on the top leaves as well but the buds are slowly getting bigger and bigger and none of the trichomes are showing more than just being cloudy. I have a feeling the wait will be well worth it when I look at the buds, brush against them and it feels like syrup on my arm, and the smell is knock you on your azz delicious.