Moving out of "indoor" "Grow" to the right place. First time grow with ILGM BGL and SD autos

@Myfriendis410 Hey I was hoping that you could merge my original post (scroll to first in this thread for link) to my grow journal. I saw in another post you were doing this to help with site storage(I think it was).

I can’t until the site upgrades. It won’t populate your Journal.

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Well it’s been a while but I noticed someone saying everything is fixed so I’ll give her a go.
My sea of green.

My big SD close-up

My 4 photo unknowns 3 I started flowering. One wayyyyyy too small. The biggest and shortest I took clones from. Plan on making feminized photos, cross the two, and even reveg the mothers of they produce good. They were both more resilient than the other to the higher nitrogen in the mix approximately 45/45/10 ffof ffhf and perlite.
I still haven’t added any nutes to my autos other than cal-mag since the mishap adding them in a little earlier than you’d suggested @MrPeat.

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and even with all the bending they are still 28 inches tall from top to soil… made me nervous as they are, at highest point, 16 inches from the light and the manufacturer states 18. I can see the tops getting tired towards then end of lights on the big SD and they seem a brighter color towards that time than at the beginning of lights on. I’m pretty close to the top of the tent at this point with the lights so I’m hoping the upward growth is done. They grew 18 inches above the screen the past 14 days, mind you they pressed the screen up from its frame height by 2-3 inches towards the middle during the training, at best guess.
It’s a shame I grew 4 autos and not just 1 or 2. Hopefully this grow will help me manage it better next grow now that I know what I can expect. I did NOT expect them to get to this size. Having a second tent will help keep me on a perpetual grow but I think sticking with photos is the thing to do… already loving how much easier the guessing game is with these 3 (maybe a 4th) ladies.

@jc1979 They are looking good. :+1:

Thanks! I haven’t seen any issues arise besides the tip burn when I did those nutes and the one in the left side of the tent is sort of slowed down. I’m contemplating doing the bloom nutes for the Big SD, I’m seeing where the calyx is starting to swell in spots… but since I am contemplating I’ll wait like 5 days and think about it again lol. Any thoughts though on it?

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The tip burn won’t go away. But waiting 5 days could be a good thing. :+1:

Oh no that tip burn had happened from when I did the nutes earlier than you had suggested. I was thinking of adding in Bloom nutes to feeding though. Just not sure. They seem like they are moving along good but I don’t think I would know LOL. Part of the reason I said I’ll probably wait 5 days and think about it again.

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I add nutrients around 6 weeks in brand new soil.

Mine are 10 weeks above soil tomorrow. Maybe adding the nutes when i did carried them this far but I wouldn’t think that between my tap water, the cal-mag, and the remaining nutrients in the soil they could possibly go much further. Could they?

Captains log. Day 87
The big SD has shown that it’s the dominant plant in this room. I assume consumption of humans may be likely soon. I wish… But it is 3 ft in diameter and 41 inches from soil to tops. No where near ready .

As you can see I have taken over a room now.

@OldTimeRockAndGrow I feel the struggle of the waiting game. Been following your journal and day 87.
@MrPeat now that I have room my next auto grow in gonna try for the big 7 starting nutes on your timeline. Crossing fingers

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Looking good…love the jungle. :heart_eyes:

I know right… I get to sit in it all day long while I work too… so hard to not watch the grass grow… it feels like being outside it’s so nice for me when I’m stuck in a room by myself for 9+ hrs a day 5 days a week.

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A little trichome porn

Week 13 day 1
The big sd is loving the room.

Race for bigger cola

Have found a few close to the 1 ft mark. Mostly between 6-8 inches and a few 10 inches. Hoping for 3 oz by the end.
The baby SD is doing really well for being a week behind. Seems to be maturing quicker.

The GL

the 3 remaining photos. 1 of 4 was a male. 2 gal pots 1 month veg. The tallest is 41 inches. So much for gal/ft.

And the clones from the tallest and the shortest photos.

Cut 6/27 put to soil 7/8.

Still going strong at 14 weeks old.

Baby SD is getting fatter.

And the shorty photo is getting sugary

The tallest photo is smelling friggin just so unique piney, fruity so hard to really describe. Glad I got a clone off it.

Baby SD Trichomes, seeing as it is ahead of the rest. Hoping I am right and it’ll be another 3-4 weeks for it… buds are getting bigger by the day and none of the pistils have really turned.

Big SD

Weekly update. Have uppotted the sweet smelling mothers clone to a 5 gal. Approximately 2 gal FFOF and 2 gal FFHF and 3/4 gal additional perlite. Mixed in some, 1/4 cup, food grade deciduous earth. Watered with some cal-mag and Epsom salt included. But the clone is doing great.

Seeing on the big SD it is in the fall of its life, I see it in all but predominantly in the big SD.

Plucked the lower buds not really looking the same as the uppers on my shorty photo.

This weekend will be uppotting it’s clone.

Here are my BGL. Very much reminds me of the sugar coated orange candies you could get from grocery stores when I look at the leaves.

Don’t mind the leaf tips… Two weeks ago they happened during 80+ degree days for 4 days… What a pain in the butt that day was… This light on this light off, two hours later, switch, two hours later, switch, ect.

Been a little while since update.
Big SD and three photos chopped. Big SD is curing. Got 6qts and a pint mason jar… No weight. The smoke/high is way better/smoother/longer than what I’ve had in a long time. Photos are drying.
Little SD still stacking buds and the BGL s are still doing their thing.
Two clones are already twice as big as their mothers were when I flipped. The sweet smelling photo has me really anxious.
Got my vaporizer yesterday as well and loving it. After just one day I woke up not feeling like a smoker and actually slept for 7 straight hours… It’s been almost three years since I slept that long without waking up feeling like I was drowning. Even though there is still about 2-3 weeks left on curing I’m using the vape and smoking this… Still have a quarter left of some non-mine that I’m not even bothering smoking. It’s like day and night difference and I’ll never go back.
Going to pop another SD auto to go with these 2 clones. Have two other sweet smelling clones just showing root in water. Once they are in soil I’ll pull two more off the biggest and flip it. Should be pretty big by then. Already at 3ft diameter and 2ft tall.

SD has been holding steady at 62 rh and last night weighed it all. Total of 116 grams so I was very suprised. Due to its airy buds taking up so much room I pressed them all into 1 gram pucks and got it in two two-qt made so much less room. Decided to use a hot glue gun and attach the hydrometer s to the lids, tape was not cutting the job for long term.
Got an additional 64 grams from the photos and the smoke is nice with an intense head high on one and then a relaxing body high for the shorty photo.
Little SD is still stacking and the BGL are starting to show actual buds.
Clones are getting very big and I have a new clone in dirt and 4 cut two days ago.