Moving inside soon

hay guys, a quick rundown, finishing up my tent, live in ohio, have 1 zskittles, in 5 gal fab pot, coco coir perlite 70-30 mix, jackw 3-2-1 nutes,plant will be 3 wks old from sprout, on 9-10-21 its about 5-6 in tall, my tent is 24x24x48, hgl 135 kit light, 2, 6 in question is right now i get about 11 hr daylite, with about 6-8 hr actual sun, what lite cycle on off time, and how high off plant so as not shock it from outdoor to indoor, with ohio weather, cant trust it not to dip below 32 deg. within my 8-10 wk harvest, will do next plant compleaty in door, so will have more ques. then, will try to send pics when in tent, thanks for any help, dont want to lose this plant it looks damn nice

Run your 135 kit at about 60-70% power at about 2’ above plants for a few days. If you notice them stretching you can lower some, but I think you’ll be pretty good there.


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So it’s in veg and your only getting 11hr of light, good move to get it inside.

Listen to the suggestion above, run your light for 16hr on.

Let it adjust over the next couple days and then start ramping up light.

If you have a smartphone dowoad photone app and grab a piece of printer paper, learn take a DLI reading on sunlight mode and report back.


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