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First time grower, been reading ILGM since day 1 and have read lots of helpful information so far. The best advice I’ve read on this forum is KISS. I’m 9 weeks into vegetative stage and started growing outdoors. Other than water, food, x1 Topping each, and lots of Northern California sunlight, these beauties have been in cruise control. But after a local move recently, I was forced by SO to move them into a shed out back. I have my oasis set up now, but have some questions about transitioning to flower and the flowering process.

My Main Questions-

  1. Can I switch to flower 12/12 light schedule yet/have these been in veg long enough (8.5 weeks outdoors)?
  2. Should I start adding flower nutes (FF Trio) before or after the switch?
  3. When should I switch the light spectrum and turn on red/turn off blue?
  4. Starting to get little bugs in the shed (not on the plants yet since I raised them off the ground in containers). Bought some food grade DE, arriving today. Any tips?

I would appreciate any feedback on the current grow and any other tips for switching to flower, flowering, and eventually harvest/curing.

Here is a quick timeline of my first grow:
4/9 Dropped 6 unknown hybrid bag seeds into water (all sprouted but 1 was a runt and didn’t make the cut when going indoors)
4/10 Tap roots start showing and put into coconut coir starter pots with fox farms soil
4/16 seedlings start to sprout, starter pots put into 1L plastic containers (+ drainage holes)
5/5 started FF Nutes. B.B. and GB at half strength
5/16 transplanted into 3gal diy fabric pots, (made from double wrapped sterilization wraps-antibacterial, highly permeable/breathable, retain waters/slow drainage) with soil from same FF bag
6/11 Begin Low Stress Training with twist ties from grocery store and binder clips
6/17 Move plants indoors into a 4’Lx5’Wx7’’H shed. Light tight with duct tape, cardboard, and lining. Used extra kitchen tiles for flooring. Looks great and helps keep shed cool? Plants placed in large plastic bins and elevated on single layer of bricks. Growing area is 3.5’x3.5’.

PH: Used pH strips at beginning with pH ~6-7. Just recently bought a digital pH sensor. Found pH of tap water 8.0, so have been adjusting to 6.8 with pH down after nutes.

Nutes: slowly worked way up to full strength FF BB (6tsp/gal) and GB (2tsp/gal), every other watering, tap water.

Temperature and humidity
Climate: Northern California-Central Valley
Early morning 6am (indoor climate 68*, 58%)
Daytime hottest around 5pm (91*, 29%)

Lights: 600W LED at 24” above canopy on blue/white/IR wavelengths for now. 18/6 timer. Scheduled to turn off (1300-1900) during hottest time of day (1700).

Ventilation: 6in 400CFM in-line exhaust fan with speed controller running at medium speed, passive air intake, both vents are at top of shed so I used ducting to bring the cooler intake to the bottom, 23’ oscillating tower fan to circulate air.

No CO2.


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@Canecard305 Howdy and thank you for asking. Beautiful grow sorry you couldn’t finish it off outside! I am an outside grower only and don’t have a clue about indoors, sorry I couldn’t help. Keep up the good work! Let’s grow!

@Canecard305 They are showing some pre flower so you can switch it at any time I grow indoors do to I’m in city lol would love to try outdoor I think I will next season on my father in laws land in the woods lol good old Gorilla grow. Also they are going to be pissed at you for a bit you are going from natural light to led so leave them in veg for a week atleast so they can try to get use to the new led lighting

@Canecard305 If you are a normal outside grower don’t expect the same yield from the led

@highcountrygal thanks for the encouragement. Read through your journals and inspired the outdoor part of my grow.

@BigDaddyCain That’s great news. Looking forward to the gender reveal. Any tips on nutes? Anything else you would add?

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@Canecard305 inside and outside nuits are same unless you go organic and if so let me get @Growit @Aolelon and @raustin they seem to know a lot on organic I’ve never used organic they can tell you how to make a tea they where talking about in another post

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Beautiful plants, I will try to answer your questions.

  1. You can switch your plants, usually around 4 weeks the plant is mature enough to be able to flower, anything after that will just add to your yield and how big the plant will end up.
  2. Im unsure of which soil you’re using. But you should have no problems starting to feed. Make sure you follow the Fox Farm feeding schedule. Most people start out lighter than what is recommended, to get your plants used to the nutrients, and to make sure you don’t overfeed. In veg you will feed the Grow Big and the Big Bloom. After switching to flower you would start to feed Tiger Bloom. I can post a picture of the feeding schedule if you’d like.
  3. Im not sure which light you have. Most LED lights have a veg and bloom switch, or dimmers. I have always recommended that for the whole grow, you keep both veg and bloom switches on, or if dimmers, run them around 75% during veg and then you can increase to 100% during flower.
  4. I wouldn’t use DE unless it is needed. If using too much, it can turn your soil into a concrete and cause watering problems. When you use it you just want to create a very light barrier across the top of your soil. Making sure to cover any holes up. But like I said I wouldn’t use it unless it is needed.
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@Aolelon if you could post it for me that would be awsome

Here you go


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Thank you @Aolelon

Hi Dude? Just got banned for solicitation

I’m in agreement with @Aolelon. You’re good to go! Turn and burn with both switches on, they’re plenty mature. As far as feeding goes, there’s lots of different right ways to do it. Following schedule starting with transitional feedings would be your safest bet. With as long as you’ve been in veg, I wouldn’t see any reason to start less than half strength.

Best of luck through flowering!



Okay?I got myself banned for solicitation

I’m good my friend, I am not 100% on the terms of the forum but I would be careful trying to give out and obtain personal information. I do believe that could be against the forums policy. Best of luck to you.

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Are these the lady parts I’ve been waiting for?

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Sorry :grimacing:

That’s just new growth.

Edit. I blew that pic up huge and maybe not. Got a pic in natural light?

Here is where you are going to want to be looking for pistils. From the looks of it, it appears to be female, not 100% though. Females pre flowers are more pear shaped, where males are more roundish.

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