Moving hydro to soil help please

I am new to this and would love guidance !!! Have hydro going well, moved a couple to soil and some are doing good and some died off. Scared to move these because theyre doing so good but they’ve outgrown hydrostarter. All the advice would help. I keep the same light rotation and such and the soil I have is a nice nutritious blend. Thanks so much


They deffo need transplanting but they look great when moving just becareful not to damage tap root or disturb the roots least as possible good luck my friend I’m following along


Just make a hole big enough to get all the roots in. Spin the plant as u go down in the hole so the roots spin and don’t flip up and break. If u have great white or mykos sprinkle it before u put plant in. Make sure the soil is completely around the roots so put loose stuff on it slight push I always pick up and drop a few times on table to set it all in water and then top off more if needed. Water will push the medium between the roots and pack stuff down to get it started.

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If they are dying once you move them into soil most likely your soil is too hot. Check the ppms of your soil and the pH. Get it right from jump