Moving Autos from Lights to Greenhouse

I’ve been growing Zkittles, GG4, and SD (all autos) under lights, and they are at about week 10-11 and in flower, all doing well. Will moving them to the greenhouse to finish improve the results, or is it best to keep them under lights? Thank you very much. I appreciate your thoughts.


Good luck @JS1. Aren’t you taking a chance moving auto’s during flower? Are you tracking temp and humidity to minimize shock in the new environment?

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Thank you for your response. Yes, I think you are correct, it might be a risk, I have not moved anything yet, but hoping for opinions/experience as would like to make room to start spring outdoor photos. Even tracking the temp and humidity I agree there will be differences, but I was hoping to gradually acclimate them. Again, thank you.

I woukd be cautious :warning:, any cold spell can make or break you , ate put you at high risk for mold cause unstable mercury spikes , i dont think the moon has full rotated in to New Moon yet Sir . This can be a good thing or a really bad anxious idea :bulb: :thinking:. I would say wait on the New Moon phase before you even consider vegging outdoors .

Just depends on where you at to the equator and variable climate , if they budding any unstablization in a spike up or down can be detrimental than beneficial , in my on impatients and over doing shit right ? Just sharing my .2 cents !

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Thank you very much for your advice. Very much appreciated. I believe I will just finish them under lights and treat the photos separately. Thanks again!

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But also the cold can be a benefit as well in some strains thats from colder climates resistance. Its a a crap shoot to be hinest unless you can control humidity and we know who controls that outside The Mother of Nature !

How is the greenhouse better than your indoor lights? Your on week 11??? Most don’t take but 12 weeks so I don’t get it.

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Hi GulfCoast G,

Thanks for responding. The issue was more a space problem than anything. I am starting photos for spring and want to give them a place under the lights to get them started, and so need to make some room. But I am also curious whether the greenhouse would give them a final “burst” acclimating them properly. Might try one auto as an experiment.

When it gets May they will explode with growth in a greenhouse

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@JS1 I wouldn’t risk it bro, u have done a great job on them already. I would just keep em under the lights and let em finish strong under those. It would suck to bring em out to the greenhouse, and u suddenly get flooded with pests or the temp and environment change could shock her too much, idk I always say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it


I agree with the @JiggaMan1987 your almost done, find some other way to make room.

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Word :point_up:I would just finish this batch and get the new girls started in the green house, but I wouldn’t change everything up on ur plants in their last week or two of living. They’ve been living in the environment u gave them for the last 3 months, changing that up could have negative effects and results. That’s just my thoughts on it

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Thank you both. I’ve come around to that myself. This is the first year I have had success with autos and I don’t want to blow it now.