Moving a 7 week old femenized hydro outside

My 7 week old is taking over my tents and the clones need time to catch up before switiching off of 18/6 so I was thinking of putting her outside this weekend to start flowering (I live in Ontario, Canada)

I added some pics and info on grow diaries:

Other than slowly introducing her to the sun and possibly adding some netting to avoid pests and preditors what else should i look out for?


Be patient don’t give up on plant I’ve done this twice ur going to think it will never make it took weeks for plants to recover and they are by far my best

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Ph to 5.8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly look at this

Same plant 4 weeks later lol I call it my zombie girl cuz she completely died and came back lol

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this is mine

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