Moving a 7 week old Auto outside

Would it be wise to move a 7 week auto from 18/6 to outside? How would be the plant be effected at this Point? I would not put it out in direct sun immediately I would slowly introduce.

Very good question!

I think it’ll be fine honestly. The plant should absolutely love the sun light, and even though the hours of light will change from 18/6 to probably 13-11 or around there, I think you’ll be good!


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I’d give it a break inside or in shade for couple hours during the noon heat first day or two to be safe. The sun is a bit more intense than any indoor lighting. But you seem to be big on over doing everything, so throw em out on the pavement. I’m sure after the power of whatever the flavor of the week LED it’s been under, it’s ready for life on Mercury!


@Careg, there you have it. These guys are right on, I agree. But go slow into the sun with her at first.
And thank you you guys for great answers.


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Thanks for the guidances guys!

Please let me know how that works out for ya and what you do to make the switch…Thanks.