Movin' on up like George and Wheezie!


this will be a dual purpose journal,the start of a new grow and my transition into my perm.grow.
this grow will consist of a NL clone just entering the flower stage,a clone just taken from said NL clone…lol
super skunk
super silver haze
ilgm amnesia haze auto
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only ten tags,if i did not tag you and you would like to watch this circus,just say something i’ll get you tagged


Ready, set, grow!


@BIGE tag me in, this should be fun…


Good Luck. Everyone is watching, Don’t be nervous :yum::laughing:


we’re doing the burnout right now!!lol
even the photos i have going have just 60 day flowering. i’m hoping to get a cushion of mmj this round…the last few have been to close to me running out…lol
my problem at the moment is getting more efficient in my grow,max yeild.scrog mostly.i’ll get there,and get high on the ways!


gotcha @Ron330,welcome aboard the crazy train!


Get me too @BIGE


I changed to “watching” so I don’t miss anything buddy! Even if you are anti-pats! LOL @BIGE


i’ve told you bob i love the game no matter who plays…lol
we do not have a pro team so i really don’t have a pony in the race,we will see who reall impresses me pre season…i’m thinking cowboys,maybe? i like prescott,and how he turned stuff around for dallas.


Americas team! I’m a fan unless they are playing the pats! LOL


gotcha @dbrn32 gotta have my light man! lol
i’m thinking of running a DE this winter in conjunction with leds/cobbs…
so i will have plenty more questions for you sir!


go look at the garden. it says I made 10000 posts and is automatically closed…@BIGE

@Donaldj issue resolved. Garden 2 created!

Ps. It just caught me off guard! lol


I’m down for that!


i seen that start #2


That stinks @bob31


yeah, I was hoping the mods can unlock it or that is exactly what I will do unless someone else bests me to it!


@FreakyDeekie that does stink!


you created a monster bob!


Was just getting ready to request a tag on your grow @BIGE when I saw Bob’s post


Lol the system locks threads which get too long or old based on very simple concept it clutters and overworks server when you check topic it shows you entire thread think of the demand on a server as threads get larger? The topic is still there it just can’t be added to since it eats up too much band width