Movies to watch when stoned! You're favorites?

Heavy Metal the animated movie


Totally forgot about that one

OK My one of many for severe couch lock and feeling no pain The Movie is THOR Ragnarök With the sound turned up when the beginning starts When Thor has had enough, Then Led Zeppelin kicks in Robert Plant’s Wail…

Lol if it’s the beginning of the Immigrant Song, I love it
They also used here…

Horror movies and paranormal Ghost movies final destination movies and then music Metallica , Pantera , doors ,faith no more , nirvana , chilli peppers ,and the other moviie i forgot about was the doors movie and the movie about queen

My worst experience watching a movie while super high… we smoked maybe an OZ while watching Requiem For A Dream. Passed out, and dreamt I was in the movie… game show music, fridge, and the shooting up. Lol. I’ll never forget it. That was over a decade ago.


The wife and I was baked last night and had a great time watching Free Guy.


Free guy is a great movie!

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Somehow a 4k version of Free Guy magically appeared on my HDD this weekend. LOL!
I haven’t watched it yet but have heard good things.

Was flipping through HBOMax last night for something to watch and saw The Breakfast Club on there.
When I was in high school I took like 3 different dates to TBC - it was THE movie back then and every chick wanted to be Molly so to increase my chances sure, lets go see TBC. :rofl:
Well, at almost 40 years old it’s still funny and thought provoking. It really held up.
Watching it as an adult all these years later I realize fully the lessons of the film - which probably went right over my head back in the day.
Of all the John Hughes 80s teen movies, this is the one that holds up best.
Ferris runs a real close second. But TBC is in a league of it’s own I think.

It was a great compliment to my joint!


Tonight I’m searching the services for Fast Times at Ridgemont High. CLASSIC!!


The Big Lebowski.


OK - Are there any other Halloween Babies out there?
Basically - was Halloween the slasher flick that popped your cherry?
It was mine. I was what? 9…10…somewhere around there.
Anyway - It scared the living BeJeebus out of me!

But - After I realized Michael Myers WASN’T coming to kill me on Halloween night I realized how much fun it actually was! I guess Prom Night and Carrie were next - all followed by the same sleepless night! LOL!

I’m super-excited for the new one. Since Jamie Lee came back it’s been a much better production overall and I really enjoyed the last.
I’ve never done a Halloween Marathon - but I’m going to this year!!

I wish I had 11 different strains to allow me to do a different strain with every film! That would be awesome. Currently I have 4 that I’ve purchased and in a week or so my first jar will have been curing long enough to where she should be smooth enough to smoke and see what she’s all about! So the new film will definitely be with the fruits of my first legal grow!!! YAY!!

I might talk to my Weed Broker and see how many he can collect up for me. He sometimes has quite a selection on hand. LOL!
And I can always trade with friends and family who might have something different too.
So maybe I can make it work. :rofl:
I’m gonna give it my best shot and watch a bunch of, usually snotty kids, die horrible deaths!!

Happy Halloween x11!!

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Ooo a scanner darkly or the batman Lego movie.


Ok, you guys are probably gonna say most of mine are chick flicks but they are funny! :tipping_hand_woman:

Orange County
Dazed and Confused
50 first dates
Just Go With It
Grown ups
HBO’s Entourage
HBO’s East Bound and Down
and good all year …Christmas Vacation :christmas_tree::joy:

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Check and Chong-athon is my go to if I’m making a day of it. Now that has been almost 20 years ago since I had that kind of time.


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Don’t know exactly what it’s called, a buddy got it for and my wife. It was like 1-2 grams really good bud, wrappped around wax and keif ? Wrapped in like a wax rolling papper? It burned for like 20mins, put out ,re light 20 more mins, WOW. Ok more important LIFE OF PIE, yeah kinda weird, but Visually outstanding

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That almost sounds like a Thai Stick, but should have been rolled in cannabis leaves.

Natural Born Killers at the moment…

Looking forward to checking out Free Guy at some point over the weekend.


Let me add the Deadpool movies to the list, if they aren’t here already!