Movies to watch when stoned! You're favorites?

Needless to say - listening to great music is something everyone does when they’re high at some point in life.
But are there movies in your life that are so much better when you’re medicated? SURE!!!

Who hasn’t sat down and watched Pink Floyd - The Wall when they were stoned? That might be the undisputed granddaddy - aside from “Reefer Madness”! LOL! *and will have you aking why hasn’t PF issued a remastered 4K version yet with Atmos? We’re waiting!!
A simple Google search will probably allow you to find “The Dark Side of Oz” - the ultimate mash-up!!
And these are both greats I watch probably too frequently!

But allow me to suggest some films you might have seen, or might not have seen, that are simply superb with the right kind of mind-set. It might be sci-fi heavy because I’m a geek! LOL!

Donnie Darko - WOW! Watch this with a strain that gets you mind-f’d already and prepare for a new realm of “Wha?”
Even without outside stimulation this is a mind-blower.
If you’ve ever read Carlos Casteneda or follow Yoda this is for you!

Attack The Block - If you enjoy sci-fi horror suspense thriller gangster stoner comedies then you can’t go wrong with ATB. British movie - so the slang might confuse Americans - but you’re not that stoned yet, are you? You figure it out quick.

Naked Lunch - The story, I guess, of William Burroughs life as he was writing the seminal novel Naked Lunch.
“What’s in the pillow case, Bill”
Bill (slow drawl)- “The remains of my last writing machine”
*Opens pillow case to reveal a bag full of heroin, morphine capsules, tourniquets and syringes…

A story about America though the experience of one man.

I have along list, but I’ll stop there and take suggestions, hopefully!

Oh - ANY Kevin Smith movie - outside of Chasing Amy…why Kevin, why?

All my streaming services sitting idle - HMU ladies and gentlemen!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!


Saw Pink Floyd the wall live in concert on acid, even better than the movie.
How about Monty Python’s In search of the holy grail.


@Woodrow - nice one dude!! Forgot about that one!!

@plumbdand - Yeah - I have a bunch of different bootlegs of The Wall tour from the last tour.
That’s really a concert though…not an officially released movie.
I’m sure I’ll get some flack, but I didn’t really care for Monty Python.
I tried, but it always came off the same way as Benny Hill to me - plain stupid and made Hee Haw look almost funny. LOL!

Talking movies - doesn’t matter if music related or not!!!

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Prince did it better - and not at all related to the theme of the thread…there’s already a post for music!

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space


Dark side of the rainbow


Wow - didn’t mean to piss in Woodrows wheaties, but Sinead O’Conner singing Nothing Compares 2 U isn’t a movie!! LOL!
But then he deleted the one movie he did suggest, which was Heavy Metal.
Oh well!
Every group has a Cartman! “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”


Ever see the mash-up of Echos and Contact with Jodie Foster?
It’s actually pretty good!


Hahah. That was a stupid funny movie lmao. Tv shows to watch on netflix. Disjointed. Fricken hilarious as shit. Ull binge the whole thing its that funny.
Dank and Dabby are the funniest and pete well pete is all of us lmao. Then the ole lady that runs the dispo is hilarious also. Just all around a good laugh. If ur into cooking. Check out cooking on 420 has ngaio on there he is a super smart fella when it comes to mj and diff strains he know about them. Man so man good series to watch on netflix alone




Tenacious D and the pick of destiny

Sausage Party

So this is the end

Hot Rod

All Star Wars except the new sh!t

Loki series

These are just a few and will only take a week to watch :rofl:

I tend to lean towards the comedy side but can name drop some serious thinkers if ya want :sunglasses::v:t2:


Agreed on the Star Wars call - EXCEPT for Rogue One. Rogue One was spectacular compared to the final trilogy and Solo…what a disappointment that one was.

Have you ever seen “Pulp Empire”?
It’s a fan edit of Empire done in the style of a Quinton Terantino flick. Well worth the watch!

Speaking of - ANY Terantino flick will do the trick - but Jackie Brown is a stand-out!


Gonna agree with the Tarantino flicks except “Django”….just nope…

Also I know this isn’t a movie per say but they watch movies and commentate (anyone who just read that knows where I’m goin)…Mystery Science Theatre 3000 & Rifftrax….


No, I have not. I would like to though. Is there a YouTube vid you can link? Or tell me the key to it. Cuz imma watch it tomorrow.

Role models
Stoned or straight that shit is hilarious

Language Ronny

Napoleon Dynamite is a good one


Don’t know why they call it A Odyssey - the movie is Contact…stoners…LOL!

Pink Floyd 2001: A Floyd Odyssey

It’s been a while - I’m gonna have to watch again myself!

edit: @Mr_Wormwood - Role Models is freaking hilarious! Good One!!


Can’t believe this is on Youtube!!

Pulp Empire

@Mr_Wormwood This ones for you Trisha :rofl: you reminded me


History of the world Mel Brooks!


Anything Mel Brooks :grin::facepunch:t2: