Movies that make you laugh!


@Buck3 lamo that’s funny,an he’s like tip toeing trying to scratch an the coppa is laughing…lol…bahhaha


@aussie123556 check out the Japanese game show on YouTube. Type in Silent Library slapping machine.


@Buck3 just the name says it all,am laughing at that,lol.he’s trying to tap out with no success ,hee heeeeeeeeeee :):rofl:


I told ya man…about all of those are funny!


Watch “Slapping machine game show - MUST SEE!!!” on YouTube


“The two utes” lmao!


Baaaahahaha! :rofl:


@Buck3 you have been down the youtube rabbit hole i see,is funny what you find ,nice find tho lol :slight_smile:


I am a fan of good stoner comedies, like “How High”, “Half Baked”, and the whole “Harold & Kumar” series. and lest we forget, the “Fridays”


I don’t know if it counts but “wolf of wall st” was outstanding


Reefer Madness…funniest CRAP I ever saw.



Is that the old movie that they use as the intro to the Netflix show Disjointed?


@dmykins…im not sure,it’s an old propaganda movie from like 1936 or somthing…worth a watch


@Fever o that’s right,the lemons bit…lol…or those really old ludes he had stashed away an ate a heap an they didn’t do anything,then he goes driving…bahahahha,then they kicked in ,classic ,was the first bit i thought of hee hee :slight_smile:


I just got to watch Mac and Devon go to high school :joy:
Blazing saddles
Next Friday
Don’t be a menace
Let’s be cops
Pretty much anything with…
Martin Lawrence
Will Smith
Will Ferrell
And the dude who played Dewey Cox
Oh and Zach Galifianakis


,was an aussie movie called idiot box in the 90’s (ben mendalson) :slight_smile: classic

#37 I never could get through this, I still can’t…tears in my eyes :joy: