Movies that make you laugh!


What are some movies you guys would say are the funniest you have seen? I would like newer movies, but I guess it really doesn’t matter…



Porky’s always makes me laugh!


@Buck3 , yea, the original Porky’s was a blast. Wasnt so thrilled with the sequels


Better off dead or orgasmo


Those are both in my top movies of all time category @Hogmaster. Agree 100%

Another good one is Outside Providence.


Pulp Fiction is also one of my favorites


@Buck3 and others…I like some of the old Bob Hope and Bing Crosby Road To movies.

kind a fan of old movies like that. Guess that goes with my age. :older_man:


The Do Over.


Wedding crashers
Better off dead
3 amigos
4 rooms

Any will Farrell
Any Vince Vaughn


I like the old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies, they always make me laugh. Animal House is always a goto for laughs as well, and then there is Up In Smoke


Also the old Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz movie The Long, Long Trailer, freakin’ hilarious!!


Easy answer … Alice’s Restaurant with young Arlo Guthrie :clap:t2:


@Fever I love that ol 3 Amigos. It is so campy its funny. Oh yea…up in smoke…love that one.


@dmykins good old (kelly’s heroes) oddball was classic :slight_smile:


The Heat with Melissa McCartney and Sandra Bullock.


Blazing saddles
Young Frankenstein
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Throw Mama From the Train


My Cousin Vinny
Get Shorty
Big Trouble


Maybe it’s just me because I like Micheal Myers, but how about the Austin Powers movies? Oh yea, the Police Academy movies…at least the first two imo. :laughing:


@Buck3 lol police academy so long ago but so funny, i can’t go past the nice dreams cheech an chong scene where he in the straight jacket trying to scratch his ba@ls,when stoned was so funny,:slight_smile:


Oh man you are so right @aussie123556!! You want to see a funny video? Go on YouTube and type in “Scratch my n##$”. It’s not a movie but a drunk stop…the cop trying to keep from laughing is hilarious!