Moved plants outside, buds turned leafy

I needed room in the tent so put a couple of the runts outside. They had started to bud, but after being outside their buds got leafy. They appear to be changing again, can they become male or are they budding up again? I have a nice plant next to them and don’t want a male plant near it.

Might be too warm outside. If that happens the buds wont be so compacted. Instead of bugs they’ll be leafy I guess you could say. That’s what it sounds like to me at least… would need pics to know for sure.

Sounds like they may have been flowering inside and when you moved them outside the longer light cycle put them back into veg. Now that light time has reduced enough they are likely going back into flower.


They are re vegging… :+1::wink:

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Thanks everyone sooo much. I have had a blast doing my first grow. I almost killed them in the beginning so they are a little small but they are healthy.