Moved plants outdoor showed female pistols afraid of re-veg

Yes! And it helps so much with the light dep!! It is so much easier to put my plant in there around 6:30 Pm and then bring her back out after it gets really dark! I tried leaving it in there all night and getting her out in the morning but the moisture ended up burning with the sunshine. If I put her in at 6:30 and bring her back out around 10 ish she gets fresh air and moisture doesn’t build up overnight. I am really happy with how its working out!!!
Thank you so much😃

Some people cover their plants with a giant black trashcan to simulate darkness, if the plant is small enough. Others might move their plants from outdoors to a dark shed or something for darkness.

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Yes! I was using two black garbage bags(doubled). It was a temporary thing because the plant outgrew the bags and whenever I took the bags off the tops were really wet and bent over. They dried and fried by the sun and they perked back up, but this is much easier now and less stressful for the plant I think😃


Excellent to hear!