Moved outside too quickly

I bought the sativa mix pack here - chocolate, lemon and strawberry. I was pleased when I had 23 of the 30 seeds germinate. I was a bit overwhelmed when they were all doing well.

planted in a custom mix of organic soil, perlite, vermiculite and worm castings.

Most all were planted in 5 gallon fabric grow bags.

I kept them inside under a mix of different grow lights with a fan and a heater keeping the environment at upper 70s during the day and lower 70s at night. Lights were on a 16/8 schedule.

I watered every 2nd or 3rd day as needed. I added a high nitrogen organic fertilizer once per week at 1/2 the recommended indoor plant strength.

All was right with the world but the aroma. It became strong enough to spread through the house and I decided the plants needed to move outside.

These first photos show the setup and the healthy indoor plants.

I took a couple of days to try to match the light hours to what could be expected outside. The outdoor temperatures had been in the upper 70s and lower 80s so I wasn’t worried about temperature shock.

As soon as I moved them:outside the temperatures rose to the mid nineties and have stayed there. The plants first started turning lower leaves white - sun stress? The the new growth turned yellow - heat stress?

I moved them to a sun/shade spot to try and give sun and temperature relief but the problem continues.

What now? Move the healthy ones back inside? The photos show the new setup and both the stressed and the more healthy plants

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


When you move plants outside you need to harden them off, or introduce them to the sun gradually. They seem to have gotten some light stress. I would gradually introduce them to the sun from the shady spot you have them in and keep doing what you’ve been doing as they look good other than the stress.

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Ditto what she stated. That sunlight is INTENSE.

A few leaves looks especially wonky. Have u attempted to feed a nonpH’d solution? Or maybe watering a tad too often to overcompensate for the heat of the day?

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Thanks a lot. I appreciate the quick response.

It’s heading toward 100 degrees for a day or two. Does that change anything?

Thanks…so are you saying I should overwater a bit so they can handle the heat?

Yea thats HOT HOT. definitely find them some shade for temp spikes.

And no im saying dont overwater trying to overcompensate for the heat. How often have u been giving?

Allowing pots to drain and dry properly?

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Sorry I misunderstood. I’ve been watering as before…keeping moist at 6” depth…trying to balance the over/under watering.

Does that mean daily? Lol

Not even a outdoor grower but I have done a few outdoor. Looks like they took a little shock but they look good and will reward you for your time


Not daily but every other day - especially for the first week when they were in more direct sunlight. At that site I put a canopy of screening material to try and reduce but not eliminate the direct sun.