Moved my super mix seeds from water to peat pots

I just moved a Bruce Banner, Gorilla glue, GSC Extreme. I moved them from the water to peat pots. I need to know what conditions in the grow tent? I have LED visosun vs1000. I don’t have a dome. Should I keep 25%light on the peat pots. Any help , will be appreciated

Pictures would help. Are these clones you’re referring to?

If there’s a way to do it without harming the seed, those plants will be healthier if they don’t have to deal with that peat pot.


I used clean tweezers to take the seeds from the water to these peat pots. Then I am going to transplant to 3 gal fiber pots with a mixture of Happy Frog and FOX farm ocean, .

I used peat pot on my first grow and when I pulled the rootball I could see the root restrictions from the netting.

At least it looked that way to me.