Moved from aerogarden to soil any tips?

I just moved my plant (3 weeks old) from hydroponic system aerogarden bounty into soil any tips to help it take root or anything? This Is my first time growing


They look good Are they still in the picture you have your other picture? It did not load all the way or are they in separate pots I would recommend fabric pots for sure what’s your light source

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The plant in pot looks smaller than 2 in the ag, did you have 3 and just transplant the one? It looks fine, but those other two will likely fill most of the ag res with roots. Which won’t leave much room for nutrient solution, and likely be very difficult to keep up with ph and keeping it full.

I have 3 plants I moved one to a pot and the other two are still in the aerogarden I’m planning to move one more over to another pot. I’m using a light from amazon. Its a 1000 watt light.

I just moved the smallest one to the pot but I was going to keep one in the ag for the whole tonne just to see the difference between the soil and ag.

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