Moved a potted plant indoors with an led grow light. It seems to be stagnant, not growing any larger

A question of a fellow grower: I recently moved a potted plant indoors with an led grow light. It seems to be stagnant, not growing any larger. Could it be the led? It has both red and blue bulbs.


More details would help people assess the situation, but it could be an under powered light. Rule of thumb would be 50 watts (of actual draw at the wall) per square foot of canopy. There could be other things happening. Join the group and tell us exactly what you have going on.

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It may just be getting used to led. Leds are way weaker than the sun so with the led the photosynthesis has slowed. Once the plant levels out and adjusts to the light its now recieving it should start to grow again could take a cpl weeks to normalize but all in all should be ok. How close is your led to plant? What led light are you using


Are you flowering or vegging? What’s your light schedule?

Light is about 15 inches away. 18 hr schedule

Welcome aboard. What do you have for a light? And are you making sure your dark period is truly dark?

I do not know brand of light. 12" square red and blue LED’s about 24" above plant. It is not always totally dark.

So, 2 suggestions. See if there’s a label on the light telling you how much current it draws or the watts. Remember the 50 watt per square foot of canopy. If it doesn’t give you watts, it should give you amps. Watts = amps x volts.

Then, you should be sure the plant gets 12 hours of total darkness. I think you’re still in veg so it’s not super critical yet but will be when you switch to flower. I know the outdoors isn’t totally blackout dark but indoors plants just seem to be more sensitive to light at night. I think it has to do with intensity.

Let us know how it’s going for you.

On the transformer it states ac 85-265 50- 60hz .4amp

110v x .4 amp = approx 45 watts.
Interested to hear peoples take on that, since i only have 55 watt led myself, though my goal is different, i do not actually want mine to grow, i grow outside.

Well, 45 watts is going to be somewhat marginal if the plant is of any size. Since it sounds like an actual grow light, it might have decent penetration. Any chance you could set it near a sunny window? or add a second light?

Could you post a pic of the whole plant in white light so we can get an idea of size and all that?

I’m not sure on the distance, did the manufacturer recommend a height? You could try dropping it down some to get better intensity.