Move outdoor potted plants indoors

As the heading says I want to move my potted plants indoors to finish them as they are starting to flower and are no longer inconspicuous. First timer so I didn’t think they would get this large. And the reason is for security. They don’t seem to be growing taller and have started flowering fert. What I want to do is put them under lights to force budding is this ok or will I shock them.

Be careful for hitch hikers aka bugs may come in as well.

Sorry got busy so it’s ok to do this and can I reduce the light time right away or do it gradually.

And where I’m at bugs don’t seem to stay on them. I’m using a garlic mist just in case and will stop that soon because of flowering and don’t want my smoke to taste like it. It doesn’t hurt veggies and the bugs hate it.

Put them straight on 12/12 or they will start to reveg.