Move inside vs Harvest now

Looking for help on whether I can move plants indoors to extend time before harvest. My plants showed some bud rot a few days ago which I carefully removed. They are not quite ready for harvest (no amber trichomes). There’s a significant heavy rain storm coming in a few days so I’m thinking of moving the plants (in 10 gallon buckets) into my garage or basement for 3 days to get them out of the storm. I don’t have any indoor lighting/equipment. Is this a good idea? Should I use a fan if i do this?

Yes a fan is a must, you don’t have to bring them in if you don’t have lighting you can simply build a clear plastic cover over them. If you must bring in then can you open your garage door so they don’t get wet but can still get some sun even If indirect sun. If you have the means to run a extension cord to your plants a fan would help out there (unless it’s raining of course


unless your garage is air conditioned it’s going to still be very humid. If you do move them be sure to have several fans moving a lot of air through the plants.

good advice to put several fans around your plants. as you are already getting mold…and more humidity is coming…the best you can do is fans…check every couple of hours and if you see mold…harvest that branch and clean out the mold…then dip in hydro peroxide solution.
That will stop the mold from developing further.

Thanks to all for the advice! My basement is had a dehumidifier
and is where I do my drying so I might move them down there with fans. My concern was whether the lack of sunlight for ~ 3 days would hurt them.

Just leave some lights on for the same length of time they were receiving natural sunlight. Also be sure to leave them in complete darkness during lights out. They won’t develop much under minimal lights, but it’ll also keep them from getting out of whack for 3 days.

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The most important thing as far as lightning goes at this stage is they need 12 hours of uninterrupted total darkness. The light cycle is not as important as the dark cycle right now.

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