Mountain Grow Zone 6

This thread is to demonstrate how to grow outdoors in the following conditions:

  1. Dry. Relative humidity averages around 16%.
  2. Zone 6. Last frost is around Mother’s Day.
  3. Thinner air. Around 6,000ft in elevation.
  4. Raw sun. The sun is harsher at higher elevation.

I’ve been growing for 6 years, and I have figured out about 100 different ways to kill a plant and/or how to ruin a harvest. Learning from trial and error, I use methods that are easy and work good.

Last year’s harvest:


March 28, 2020.

Starting seeds today.

I use the paper towel method.

Seeds from ILGM, paper towels, water, plastic baggies, magic marker, and a doobie.

ONLY Feminized seeds, so we know we’re getting female plants. Not wasting time and resources on a male plant.

NOT using autoflower seeds for my outdoor grow. I want my plants to grow all summer. We’ll harvest in the Fall.


I like these “select-a-size” paper towels. They fit in sandwich size plastic baggies real easy.

Make sure to label your baggies.

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Wet the paper towel.

Arrange seeds.

Sack 'em. I like to leave just a little bit of air inside the baggies for the seeds.


I’m putting them in a warm, shadowy place. They don’t need a lot of light yet.


Part one is done. That only took about an hour of my time…and that included smoking that Cookies Kush doobie and wandering around a little bit.

Now for the hard part: Patience.

elevation has more than one meaning. Love to see how the Maui does.

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Mexican male N ILGM Green crack mix. Bout 35 days indoor then put out after Easter. Northeastern Utah, bout 7200’ Mountains in the back R the Uinta mountain range.


Yeah it does, I’m pretty elevated RIGHT NOW.

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I give that picture two thumbs up. Love it!

What are you going to breed it with?

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Well, it was a accident I Miss sexed a Mexican that was in with my Fem Gc. One thing led to another and this lanky sativa was born. Also have a male Mex /fem Hibiscus Sunrise strain. Neither do very well down here on the tip of texas but seem to thrive in high altitude and very low humidity.

I grew up in the Northeast Corner of Utah and Nevada. I know DRY…

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Ha! No doubt.

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March 31st, 2020

I got some sprouts. Yea germination! Might as well transfer the seedlings that are ready to solo cups.

For this stage, I pot the seedlings in Fox Farm “Light Warrior” grow medium.

Cut an X across the bottom of the cup

I put a layer of perlite at the bottom of the cups to help keep the soil from washing out.

Soil plus water, poke a hole for the seedling.

Purple Haze: 5 seeds, 100% germination.

Put the seedlings in the holes. Purple Haze done.

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Maui Wowie: 4 out of 5 germinated.

Same procedure as detailed above.

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California Dream: bigger seeds, germination lagging behind the other two strains.

Patience grasshopper…

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First week of full flower. Likes very lite soil composition. Ive added volcanic soil into the mix. This one wanted to go straight vertical. Very tight bud points on this one. Although I have environmental aspects that change my grows.

Looks so healthy; nice!

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April 1, 2020

Update: Purple Haze and Maui Wowie seedlings.

No water needed today. Keeping them warm (between 73 and 80. 13 hours of light.

The California Dream seeds are still germinating.