Mould on flowering plant- what do I do?!


I’m new to the site and really appreciate any advice at this crucial time!

I’m a casual grower but my harvest is important to me. I have 2 plants in my greenhouse in the UK which have done really well with minimal fuss, both over 6 foot and flowering nicely.

This morning I’ve found what I think is mould on one of the plants (speedy chile) and need to know what to do as I need to recover the plant as best as possible. Its in 4 or 5 of the buds and looks like a brownish dusty web.

There are some photos below, any helpo and guidance would be massively appreciated! Worth saying is been wet these past few days here and the humidity in the greenhouse has probably been high.



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Basically cut out all affected parts and discard the pieces.
You can spray with a 50/50 mix of peroxide and water and increase your air flow if you can.
The pistils will possibly brown a bit from the peroxide.
Good luck. :+1:


thanks - I’ve just cut it all out which was a pretty painful experience! Fingers crossed!


Welcome to the community !Yeah that’s a bummer @Oldguy got you covered. If possible I would increase airflow to get to the Finish Line without any more problems.

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Thanks- it certainly looks better after having cut it out even if she’s a bit lighter now! I was surprised at how much was affected once I started looking more closely, it’s pretty disgusting.

It’s bud rot, right?

I’ve increased the airflow (=opening the greenhouse door!). Interestingly there was a big jump in humidity in there 5 days ago which is probably related.

This is my first year greenhouse growing so it’s all a learning experience


Without question. Absolutely.
If you could get a fan in there it would help too.

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The fan has been installed! thanks for the advice!

I’m going to order some peroxide - @Oldguy is something like this what you mean?

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Perfect. Exactly what I mean. :+1:
Your local wal mart or drug store should have it too.