Mould is creeping in

Ok I’m desperate for answers here, have some mould starting, is there anyway I can stop it.
It’s quite cold and damp here, but I have fans lightly isolating 24/7, the plants were hit with heavy rain just before harvest, can I stop the mould???

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Man, I feel for you.

You need to go through and inspect each bud and cut out the mold.

Once drying is done you will need to do a second inspection while trimming. A peroxide wash after chop helps, but you are too late for that this time around.


Man I hope you only got lucky and found the 1 branch with it… Mold is a killer…your gonna have to sell that to ppl you don’t like…jk
I always do a bud wash. Took me about 3 grows to try and I won’t look back… best of luck