Motorcycles, Do you ride?


@Beans awesome sled!! If you liked the Tail of the Dragon :dragon: you would love the Back of the Dragon :dragon: about 100 miles east of the TN side of the Tail US16 , 30 some odd miles across 3 mountains. You can pick it up off of I 81 at Marion VA


Here’s my 2010 Triumph Street Triple R :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: before her I had a genuine buddy 125cc scooter! Took an MSF course on a Honda Rebel 250cc and I’ve been hooked since!


I like chops but I am a moto enthusiast and I like it all man!!
I love to ride but can’t ride as much after back surgeries


That sucks!! Hope you are able to find relief for the pain I hear ya loved ridin too!!


Every chance I get.


Just went for a ride today…


I have been riding for over 20 years and have had everything from a Hayabusa to a Fatboy. Moved across country and got myself a new ride for the city (also awesome off the street) Stay safe and enjoy the ride!


1985 fxef super glide first year evo bought it new june 1985 along with new 883 sportster still got them put close to 200k on superglidebikeSportster ![bike|493x493]


a picture of a few of the herd (22)
Honda 450R for the dirt
74 ElectraGlide I’ve had for 33 years
KTM SuperDuke, only vehicle I’ve ever bought brand new .
And my Triumph Speed Triple that I essentially got for an ounce of street weed. Long story short version…I fix bikes that need new homes and did some trade ups.
There are also about 18 more in various levels of ride ability.
Early in life I found motorcycles to be a better vice than drugs. I’ve never had a drinking problem,cocaine addiction or the love for opiates. As a result I have 22 bikes and although I spent all MY money on bikes and not drugs…I still have my bikes!


The bottom pic was just before we left for bike week from mass in feb 1987 or 88 I was a hansom bloke if i must say


My 07 Road King bought new just sold it a little while back purchasing a new Road Glide Ultra between now and spring…


05 Victory Hammer is the my ride now . Had mini bikes , 50cc honda scooter , 65 Bridgestone street bike, 125 Yamaha enduro , 250 Macio dirt bike , 76 Kawasaki 900 , 1980 Kawasaki 750 LDT .1983 Honda 1100 CBF , 350 Yamaha dual sport . KTM 450 EXC dual sport


I love the sweeping lines! Looks awesome!

I started on a unicycle at 12 yo and eventually graduated to flying. Love bikes, sleds, skis, muscle cars and planes!