Motorcycles, Do you ride?


Man you have a rad collection! So cool :sunglasses:


That scooter will beat a lot of bikes off the line. lol


My shovelhead is a 81 FXWG. Just had a complete top end redone. Had the heads repaired so a exhaust bolt would stay in it! valve seats reground and seals. Ill add a picture later

Ok got a picture for ya


SWEET!!! That’s a great looking sled.


Thanks @hillbilly103. There’s some not so obvious upgrades, elec. ingnition, dry primary, and a 6 speed tranny! Hit 130 on the interstate one day…


@Sasquatch Been there done that got a closet full of Tee shirts :innocent:
My last FX, 06 FXD ended up with $12,000 in the engine and a V-Rod front end.
Took it to the drag strip in 09, made 1 pass and got banned! She went 9.45@147mph. Track officials said I need NHRA approved leathers and helmet plus all the lights and mirrors removed for any bike over 100mph. :grin:


WOW! straight line speed on a bike can be way too much fun!


@Sasquatch yea hard on the drivers license and insurance rates to :tired_face:
Now days I’m more interested in the stereo and cruise control. My Ultra Limited is mostly stock (completely stock) at the time pics I posted were taken.


@hillbilly103 yea I’m more in to the comfort factor myself now. more often than not I’m on my Goldwing. All the creature comforts I want!


@Sasquatch I’ve got a lot of respect for Goldwings. Awesome touring bikes. I have several friends who ride them.
You do any long rides, rallies?


Yea Ive road out to Sturgis been to Daytona several times. Did a ride from Bar Harbor Maine to Holly wood Fl. another from Savannah Ga to Traveres City Mich. and back. I have about 150k on the wing


@Sasquatch you must be about as hard core as me, I go through 2-3 sets of tires a year :+1:


Ive slowed down a lot the past couple years. The other half cant go like we use to. I want to go to Laconia and ride to the Keys


@Sasquatch I’ve done all the big rallies, the RoT (Republic of Texas) is my favorite. I have road down to the Keys a few times. My next big ride will be to Alaska.


I did until I surrender my license due to blindness. 1971 Honda Trail 70, to 125, to 250, to '69 Sportster Chopper. Raced Kawasaki drag bikes in AMA Pro Star competition a few years ago when I managed a MC Salvage shop. :slight_smile:


@hillbilly103 I should have gone on down to the Keys when I was in Miami! Never been to Tx on the bike, be a nice ride. I kind of miss thoes long rides. I got were I liked riding by myself (with the li woman ofcorse) I like riding tank to tank (about 200 =225mi.) Not many out there that like doing that. and I hate spending 30 min in a gas station! lol

@latewood that sounds like a exciting times!


@latewood sorry to hear about your vision problems.
Far out about your racing career :+1: And all your bikes.
As you may have guessed from my posts I grew up in a bike shop, my Dad owned an independent shop catering to mostly HDs. He used to ride me around sitting on the tank of a 65 FLH Panhead when I was still in diapers :sunglasses:


@Sasquatch I’m with you on tank to tank riding. I got tired of toting the wife around and got her a Sportster 15 years ago. She rode that for 5 years and then she went out and bought a 05 Roadking. She doesn’t do many rallies anymore but still puts on 12-15000 miles a year.


No I don’t ride


I don’t ride as much as I’d like but I do ride. Started out with a YZF600r.

That was a short but fun experience. Seems I had something wrong with my right wrist! Was going through a divorce with the first wife when I got that one. Midlife crisis is what a few people diagnosed me with! :rofl: After the last wreck, two in all, I didn’t feel like paying to have it fixed. Only cost $3400 from the original owner I believe. Nevertheless, having ridden a motorcycle, I wanted another!
Negotiated with the present wife that if we got married she’d have to buy me a bike. Still don’t know how I pulled that one off! We compromised on a Yamaha Raider.
It’s a good bike but I can’t make the long trips like the more comfortable bikes can. 6-7 hours is all I want in a day. Did take it to Texas when I was in the oilfield. Rode the hill country some. Last year me and a couple buddies went up to Deals Gap and rode the Dragon, that was nice.
I guess eventually I’ll upgrade to something better so me and the missus can take longer trips.