Motorcycles, Do you ride?


All work and no ride makes for a sad day.


That’s a fact mine is in the shop now can’t wait to get her back


I did ride every day of the year ,rain hail or shine, that was until an arsehole on a mobile phone came into my lane and pushed me into on coming traffics , I was collected by a 4x4 with a big bull bar , spent weeks in hospital ,and still needing more ops to fix what was broken ,unfortunately I will never be able to ride again, the sad part is I would jump on a bike today if able , I do so miss the freedom of a bike. That was 5 years ago , and still in pain.


Don’t have the balance to ride a bike safely, never mind one with a motor lol especially with the way people drive now a days. Have to be on full alert at all times.


@Coltfire totally sorry to hear about situation I’ve lost many friends to similar arseholes. I’ve been banged up several times over the years myself but nothing bad enough to keep me from riding. Hope you can some day get back in the wind never say never.


Nice putt…:sunglasses:


@Capt_Seeweed Thanks! I sure didn’t start with it.
I rode basket case junk for a long time. 30 years ago I planned trips by how many tools and spare parts I could carry.
Now days I just throw a change of clothes in the bags and hit the road. I do 15,000+ miles a year.


Here is my other lady…

Keep the rubber side down



Good to see other riders on here… I’m on a Goldwing and I just got my shovelhead out of the shop. Is it time to ride yet Will? @garrigan62



I just got my clutch fixed now for the front tire then a good cleaning and you can color me gone…lol



@garrigan62 what year FX is she?
My last 2 sleds were a FXs. 89 FXR and a 06 FXD.


This is where I started, restored it 5 years ago


Mine is a 1995 1200 Sportster Teal Blue



I’ve acquired few other scoots over the years


@hillbilly103 early to mid 70’s I had a TM75 Suzuki and one of the guys I hung out with had one of those. he was a smaller kid so it fit him pretty well.

Those had a model name and not a number as I recall, but I don’t remember what it was. AMF Harley at the time…

This was mine… stock pic. lol

And after riding for thirty years I haven’t ridden in about 15 years. One close call too many. I miss it. But not all the near death experiences. Love to get a dirt/ trail bike again if there were any places to ride around here and there aren’t…


@garrigan62 ok :ok_hand:t2: I was looking at it on my phone :iphone: screen and couldn’t see the pic much more than postage stamp size. The buckhorn handlebars made me think it was a Wideglide. It’s been a few years since I’ve ridden a Sporty. First street bike I had was a 72 73 77 Sporty I put together from parts bikes my Dad had out behind his shop.
Iron head kick start only, well start sometimes :grin:
My wife’s bike teal blue, 05 Roadking


@bob31 1974 AMF Harley Davidson X90


You guys will probably laugh at me, but 3 years ago I bought a 150cc scooter and fell in love with it immediately! I fixed her up and sold the scooter, but I’ve been keeping my eye peeled for a 250cc to go for sale around me and I’m going to buy it. I loved the 150cc, but the 250cc would get me on the highways and I could take it anywhere!



@ktreez420 Suzuki makes a 650 “scooter” that be awesome in town. Under seat storage is huge, and it tops out around 100mph


Wow! She;s beautiful! I think I’m going to go down to my local cycle max and see what they have and their prices. I want one so bad after having a 150cc!!