Mothers - timeframe and space

Heartbreaking, i had to harvest a skywalker OG early bc of it :frowning:

Yeah maybe thats the one i saw, 4x4 flower is perfect. Honestky i find my 4.5’ too large, i can put 9 five gallon fabric pots and still have room. Can do 12 with touching sides.

Can you put a shelf in yours in the veg space halfway up the vertical height? Thats what id like and have two five gallon mothers on top shelf with light and two fivers on bottom

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It has a fixed shelf in it with a removable wire shelf.

Yeah thats nice. I hope you like it, are you planning on getting ona cloning rotation / perpetual grow?

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If you have the resources and space I would dedicate a smallish tent 2’x3’ or 4’ but for sure 7’ tall to house the mothers if you are planning on a perpetual grow.

I was thinking id be abke to keep them small by repeatedly chopping for clones is that not right? Is this so you can clone all the side shoots and keeo the main stalk growing or what

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In my experience it doesnt work that way unless your taking clones regularly like every week. taking clones from the same mother is really important to keep the genetic traits stable. If you dont have a killer strain that you want to perpetuate it may be more beneficial to your situation to order fems or autos instead of dedicating a tent/ light/ fans for housing mother

I had considered that, and i think thats possibke if i do a SOG with a bunch of small plants - because cloning all the time (i didnt knos itd be every week, these are the questions i was tryinf to get at to understand what the rotation would be like)

Whether its cloning every week or every two weeks, either way id have staggered flower. Probably 3 or 4 different age groups inside rhe same flower tent. Which again, with small plants being the intent you could throw them into flower tent immediately and theyll flower when ready.

I dunno. Part of me wants to do this to keep a chain of my favorite strains going and stock up on product a little for the price of one seed. After a round or two id send the mother into flower and start new mothers of different strains. I like dabbling and learning and being hands on. But in general, my grows before and my dream outside, is to grow big. It seems like they grow exponentially, as well, if you let them live that long. My first grow i let them veg 4.5 months and it seemed like when they had several tops and thick stems and well established rootballs to transfer all them nutrients the growth was more every week

*also i already have two tents, one was bought used cheap


Ok thanks for the background! So with that info if you are going this route I would suggest 3 tents and maybe a fourth cloning chamber just to have the flexibility. If you have the same genetics the whole time it is easier to coordinate all the phases together. Otherwise, in the real world you need to have separate chambers so that you can have a dedicated flower tent, a combo flower/veg tent, tent for you mother(s), and a cloning dome or 2 (not sure what your budget or space is im talking ideal situation). Still with that said I would roll with what you have and figure out how to maximize your current resources. Possibly you can order autos or fems here and there (cant just buy one seed at time sorry).

I haven’t decided. I have a couple strains that I like and would like to maintain a little so save on seeds. My next grow will probably be mothers and a couple rounds of clones. I just flipped to flower this week on 4 plants so I have time to work it out.

Yeah. My thing is i want to do everythinf to learn it and experience it. Its a lot of fun after all

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you have 2000W in a 4x4 tent? I have 630W (two 315Ws) and I barely able to manage the temperature. How do you manage?