Mothers Are not HAPPY!

I really should not drink and do grow room stuff at night - but kinda have to due to security and to many people around during the day

So last night I could not find any place to hide the mothers (Going to just Flower em out) they are rough shape been cut, raped, dropped, Moved a dozen times, so I jammed em all in a small grow tent i have? seemed like a good idea till i woke up today and checked on them - May be just a tad crowed>

Lesson is: Do not screw with your grow room when Inebriated by Vodka -


Did you ingested cannabis infused vodka ? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I actually dont smoke or use canabis very often. But as for the vodka - OH boy if i could grow that would be acres of it around this place

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Potatoes brotha. :+1:
Make your own bet you could do it.

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