Mother plants or cuts from current marijuana crop?


I’m using the sea-of-green method. Is it possible to use the next bunch of marijuana clones from these plants prior to starting a 12/12 light regimen or should I provide some time for them to act as mothers? I’m worried that the clones of clones won’t develop adequately. I’d rather not use separate mother plants if that’s feasible.

Mothers or cuts from your current cannabis crop are able to make marijuana clones. Each option has its benefits. If you use cuttings from your crop, you don’t have to have a separate garden for the mothers. Unfortunately, the marijuana clones might need to be taken at an inopportune time (e.g. it might take 70 days for a complete cycle, but only a couple of weeks to create a clone).

In regard to mother plants, it’s possible to take the marijuana clones whenever you need them. If you have several crops, you’ll have a harvest each month or even more frequently that will require you to take cuttings from the garden prior to forcing them to flower as a way to produce adequate propagation. A flowering room that is under consistent operation, it’s possible for the cuttings from maturing plants to work ideally.

A separate mother garden is generally more reliable as a way of preserving genetic lines. The mother plant acts like a constant source for cuttings. You can keep track of them more easily and genetic drift is less likely to be a problem.