Mother plants or clippings?

A question from a fellow grower:

can u tell me what is better, having a mother plants to take baby’s from , or what we have been doing is taking one to two clippings from each plant in week 2-3 of big veg ? My other one is will I lose some of the potency as time goes on , the way I have been doing it ? Thanks brotha great job

I think it’s all personal preference, and after some experience with both grows you’ll learn which style you like more.
I personally just take clippings from growing plants, not any mother plants.
A lot of people keep mother plants around because she was such a good plant they want to keep cloning her genetics. I just don’t like the idea of having a mother plant because she’ll always be in veg and always be taking up room which younger plants could use.
I like to take a cutting during veg, and a couple once she begins flower. Monster Cropping is incredible, so I go with that technique.


in my experience 2-3 yrs is mother plant much better as a clon of a colne each time plant can get sick then that’s it for that but if a healthy mother same guaranteed each time, and can get clones any time i shut down summer too hot and im in the north too… in perfect world have the room for several mothers

I did 5 generations of white widow and never used one plant. I took clipping from each plant that were in flower at two weeksit didn’t affect the potency at all.