Mother Plant For Clones

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Can you use a plant from a feminised seed as a mother plant to cut clones for a SOG grow?”

Yes. :slight_smile: It is advisable.


What does SOG mean?

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SOG = Sea of green.

Take clones from a Mother plant and fill a grow space. All plants being the smae genetic age of the Mother p[lant will produce similarly sized and yielding plants. Sea of green. The canopy is all the same height due to using clones which will grow with the same form and height.

A sea of green means that a grower has taken and propagated many cuttings into rooted clones of a Mother plant. This allows a grower to completely fill a grow space with these clones. The result is; All plants will be approximately the same size and yield is excellent due to the level canopy.

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This is an answer I was hoping for - however, I found this info on this site which appears to be contradicting and alarming me not to use a plant from a Feminized seed:

Selecting a mother plant
Cloning starts by selecting a mother plant. Don’t be hasty when you are trying to decide which of your plants to clone from. You need a plant that is hardy, growing rapidly, with great yields, large roots, and strong buds.

When taking cuttings to clone your plants, you should make sure that your plant is in a vegetative state. If you take them during the flowering stage, then it will become much more difficult for your plant to take root, thus making your clones’ mortality rate will be higher.

Tip: try topping your mother plants to produce more side branches and more clones
If this is your first time cloning, then you may not actually know your plants well enough or have enough experience to know which ones are the best to choose. Regardless, if you choose a female that is in its vegetative state that appears relatively healthy, then you are probably choosing one that will work fine for cloning.

t’s best to clone plants from regular seeds instead of feminized seeds. Marijuana plants are forced to produce feminized seeds only by stressing them. If plants from those seeds are stressed again, they can become hermaphrodite._

I am from South Africa and looking at ordering my first seeds. I am more confused now as to whether I should order regular or feminized seeds as I am hoping to clone with these first seeds.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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The potential for clones to herm or die is always there. Just because someone had it happen doesn’t mean feminized seed was the culprit. Plenty of growers are successful cloning plants grown from feminized seeds.