Mother of Berries harvest!

Chopped my Mother of Berries plant this morning. This plant was grown in a 4x4 tent, in ProMix HP. Jacks 321 nutrients were used for the entire grow. Powered by two 250 watt Budget LED series 3 rspecs. It was grown along side a Northern Lights ( which was harvested 2 weeks ago & yielded 11 oz dried and trimmed) a Freddie’s Fuego which is in darkness, and will be chopped tomorrow, and a white widow, which has about 2 weeks left. Judging by the density of the buds on this MOB, I’m guesstimating about 16-20 oz of this girl. She smell like a mix of raspberry, blueberry, and a hint of citrus.


Wow! Those are beautiful! Did you journal the grow on ILGM?

No. I didn’t start a journal on this grow. I’m thinking about starting one for next grow. But I’m lazy, lol. So we’ll see…