Mother Earth Terracraft thoughts

Has anybody used Mother Earth Terracraft potting soil. Getting ready to start a new batch of autos and was thinking about trying it out. I typically run a mix of FF strawberry fields, then FFOF, and FFHF at the top. Always had pretty decent results. Don’t want to waste beans.


@Audiofreak read the ingredients and see if it matches close to what you used are will have enough for your beans , you can always build the soil up but you cannot take away from , but if you know what ingredients and ph balance and ppm are than you can decide if it’s worth the time are trouble . You can always add Coco to your mix to help water retention and perlite .


Doesnt seem like it would hurt at all. May not be as hot as FF soils but doesnt seem like it would burn anything neither


I think you mean autofreak not audiofreak.


I’ve been using Mother Earth Coco Peat for a few years now and my autos love it. It’s like growing in soil, but with part of the benefits of being in Coco. It drains awesome, and my plants are thirsty at least every other night, sometimes every night, in 5 gallon fabric pots. It’s also great for reusing.

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If you want to see how my autos like the Coco Peat, this is my current journal, plants are in week 5.

Im interested to know also about Terracraft and Mother Earth Groundswell. Have you tried Teracraft soil yet? Thank you.


@Biewag17 yes, I did use it. Autoflowers did love it.