Mother earth soil and nutes

Does anyone here use mother earth products? I used their soil and have used 2 of their nutrients. (Pics below). Should I be using anything else? I’ve seen a lot of videos where they use worm castings. Also mixing molasses with water. Also I water with distilled water.

Ive used similar fertilizers, they’ll get the job done for you. Now that you’re in flower start using that one, follow the directions for top dress feeding in containers.

If you’re watering with distilled you’ll probably need to supplement with cal-mag especially in flower. You want to end up around 200ppm (no need to pH your water at that level either)

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Ty! Will definitely look into some cal-mag

I looked at your pics again, it’s a smaller container than I’d usually be in. Should be fine but they might an extra feeding, keep an eye on em. Tag me in your journal if you make one. The microbial stuff like Fish Sh!t recommended on your other thread are awesome too, my plants love that Sh!t


How often do you use the cal mag? Every watering?

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Yeah, they seem to get hungry for it making the flowers and it’s hard to get enough calcium into a container. It’s one of the key building blocks for the plant. In nature, yes the rainwater is pure, but it filters down though the soil and rock and picks up calcium and other minerals along the way. So, usually gotta add it in a container grow.

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Awesome thanks man. Very helpful. and Im definitely doing a journal my next grow. Didn’t really do this grow very organized.