Mother Earth Groundswell Potting soil

Has anybody tried Mother Earth Groundswell with auto flowers?

My fear is it’ll have too many nutes still in the soil when they go into flowering.
In the middle of my first grow so I’m really new to this and I’m looking to plan my second grow a little better.
Thanks in advance,

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What soil are you running now?

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Potting Soil. I know, I know… Rookie mistake but my plant has done excellent through Veg. I’ve been told to expect complications come flowering time. (Ethos Apex Bag Seed)
20" tall and I’ve only been giving tap water.

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Well, she looks beautiful! :slight_smile: I commented just because no one else seemed to chime in. I use Fox Farm products myself…ever consider using one of those? Quite popular in the ‘growing’ community.

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Yeah, I have their trio of nutrients and cal-mag+ on standby.
I’ll order some FFOF tonight. Thanks for chiming in.

I’ve used the happy frog mix with past grows. Just used OF for the first time on one of my current plants. She’s just a baby but so far, so good :slight_smile:

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I picked up some auto flower seeds for my next grow.
I’d like to practice training a plant. I’m on the fence about LST on an auto flower though.
Really enjoying the new hobby though.

You shouldn’t be on the fence about LST on an auto or photo. As the name says, it’s low stress for them. Now, topping, fimming, hst, probably not good to do on an auto. (even though I have and they were fine) LST won’t do any harm to her. Just be patient when you do it. Don’t snap the branches.